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Municipality of Ravenna

Cultural places

10 things to do in Ravenna (almost) for free: a low cost tour

Almanac of the celebrities in love with Ravenna

Apollinaris – A Saint and his city

Dante Alighieri in Ravenna: the places of the poet

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Droctulf, defender of Ravenna: the story that inspired Borges

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É stato facile innamorarsi di Ravenna

Five images to tell the story of the Classense Library

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Flowers and plants in the mosaics of Ravenna

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Gli innamorati di Ravenna: tre grandi storie d’amore

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Gorillas at the Courthouse! Davide Rivalta’s works in Ravenna

Guidarello Guidarelli: history of a marble man

History and legend of Theodoric, King of the Goths