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Punte Alberete

Via Romea Nord - Ravenna
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Punte Alberete is the most important flooded forest in southern Europe, and it is in one of the most valuable ecosystems in the country.

It is an about 180-hectare freshwater wetland, just a few kilometres from Ravenna. the Lamone river flows through the whole area, supplying water.

The oasis is a suggestive succession of hygrophilous wood, submerged grasslands and open spaces. The water mirrors are surrounded by dense reeds, and it’s easy to see the typical fauna of the marshy environments, as well as water lilies and marsh lilies.

Many species of birdsmigratory and resident — make Punte Alberete a birdwatcher’s paradise. You may sight purple herons, ibises, and little bitterns. Besides the birdwathing towers, some panels along the footpath explain the different local plant and animal species.

Moreover, this place hosts also many species of reptiles, such as the rare pond turtle, and insects, as the wonderful southern festoon, whose wings resemble a black and white lace dotted with red and blue spots.

Sneak Peak: this almost unspoilt habitat has to thank a hunter, Eros Stinchi from Ravenna. At the end of the 1960s, he succeeded in stopping the planned reclamation works by means of letters and complaints.




Punte Alberete is the ideal place to experience birdwatching and naturalist photography.

The abundance of species that arrive and nest in this last strip of flooded forest is impressive indeed: ferruginous duck, purple heron, glossy ibis, shag, grey heron, mallard, great egret, bullfinch, night heron, bitterns and little bitterns, and many others. So many different species can be sighted during a walk in this enchanted place.

Along the 5 km loop trail, suspended above wooden bridges, is also a sighting hut, specifically built for observing the animals, which are busy in their activities, such as kingfishers foraging for food or the famous courtship ritual of the great crested grebe.

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Come Arrivare

The Oasis of Punte Alberete is north of Ravenna, close to Canale Fossatone. It is about 8 km from the state road SS 309 (Statale Romea), which connects Ravenna and Venice.
The itinerary starts from the large parking area next to the oasis.

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