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The dunes of Ravenna

Via Stefano Ortolani - Ravenna
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Vegetation of the dunes of Ravenna

The Ravenna coastline features a “dune belt”, typical of the sandy shores of the lowlands. The dunes of Ravenna can reach up to two metres height.

They are the result of the constant reshaping of the beach, due to wind or water.

This environment favours the growth of a very peculiar vegetation. Wild rocket, esparto grass and sand couch-grass vividly colour the delightful surrounding landscape.


Some dunes can already be found between the towns of Punta Marina Terme and Marina di Ravenna, although the most impressive in terms of size and density are heading towards the northern shores (Porto Corsini, Marina Romea and Casalborsetti). .

Here, the perennial plant species, which form a sort of more or less dense meadow, cover embryo dunes, as well as fore and semi-fixed dunes.

There is also a noteworthy set of dunes south of the city, between Lido di Dante and Lido di Classe, near the mouth of the Bevano river. The river mouth, the dunes and the lagoons form an unblemished landscape. You have a picture of what the entire regional coastline must have looked like before human intervention.

Both the areas, the northern beaches and the southern ones, are important habitats for endangered plant and animal species, so much so that they have been included in the Po Delta Regional Park.



A walkway above the sea

It’s such a pleasure to have a walk by the dunes. The sea breeze and the smells of the pine forest conquer the soul and the network of wooden walkways make your stroll really delightful.

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