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Lido Adriano

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About 13 km from Ravenna, LIDO ADRIANO is one of the most modern and popular seaside resorts on the Ravenna coast.

Every year, from Easter to late September, it welcomes thousands of tourists, who decide to spend their holidays here. It is a beloved tourist destination thanks mainly to the careful management of its accommodation facilities and the wide range of stay options for the whole family.

The town is teeming with shops, cafés, restaurants, meeting the needs of visitors of all ages and offering modern comforts and many free time activities.

The golden beach and the sea are the centerpiece of Lido Adriano. Thanks to the new system of wooden walkways running over the dunes that embellish the area it can easily be reached by bike.

The network of trails is further enhanced by a cycle path running behind the dunes that leads to the nearby towns of Punta Marina Terme and Marina di Ravenna.

In the hot summer months, the centre and its promenade are the privileged meeting places for youngsters and families for pleasant evenings and wild nights.

The territory surrounding Lido Adriano offers several opportunities. From the artistic and cultural treasures in the nearby Ravenna up to the naturalistic oasis of the Po Delta Park, easily accessible by bicycle.

Just 16 kilometres from the city centre are the amusement parks Mirabilandia and the nearby Safari Ravenna, where you can see closely and without barriers many different animal species.


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