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Naturist beach

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Lido di Dante (Ra) - Bassona naturist beach

The naturist beach of Bassona, between Lido di Dante and Lido di Classe, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Romagna coastline, 

It is an enchanting place, almost without tourist facilities. Here, on the border with the Natural Reserve of the Bevano river mouth, the blue of the Adriatic sea meets the warm colours of the Pine Forest of Classe, one of the green lungs of Ravenna.

For its secluded and private character, this beach is the favourite destination for naturists who are searching for a direct contact with the surrounding nature, without limits or restrictions.

The beach has been officially recognised by the Municipality of Ravenna, and is subject to a specific ordinance that regulates access and conduct.

Code of Conduct

  1. Naturism is exclusively allowed in the designated areas
  2. The naturist beach can be reached only through the shore or through the trails in the pine forest. It is forbidden to step or walk on the coastal dunes
  3. Any tents, forms of camping with umbrellas or any other temporary shadowing systems are strictly forbidden in the area marked as “AREA 2”.
  4. It is forbidden to leave waste on the beach or in the pine forest

Any kind of violation shall be punished, if the fact does not constitute a more serious offense and notwithstanding additional sanctions provided by the governing law, applying monetary sanctions and accompanying sanctions from a minimum of €150.00 to a maximum of €450.00, available as a reduced payment of €150.00 in the forms and manner required by the law 689/1981.

Ordinance TL n. 716 of 24/06/2020(.pdf)


Code of conduct at the beach

  1. Always avoid close contact with others, maintaining the distance of at least 1 metre;
  2. Avoid any type of gathering;
  3. In crowded places or when you cannot keep 1 metre distance from others, cover your mouth and nose with a face mask
  4. Beach umbrellas (or other shading systems) have to be placed in order to grant an area of at least 12 m2 each (3 m x 4 m). Beach equipment (sunbeds, chairs, and deckchairs) should be placed at a minimum distance of 1.5 metre from one another if not under the same beach umbrella.
  5. It is forbidden to stay on the shoreline
  6. Group recreational sporting activities that might cause gatherings are forbidden. It is allowed to practise individual sports (e.g. swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing), always maintaining the social distancing measures


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