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Porto Corsini

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The little and quiet town of PORTO CORSINI rises north of Marina di Ravenna. Separating the two seaside resorts, the Candiano canal touches the last strip of Ravenna city dock (Darsena), the trait d’union between city and sea.

Despite the passing of time, the town still keeps that tranquillity that used to mark any typical fishing village in the past.

Modernity has  certainly changed its humble origins ìm without turning though its character, despite it hosts one of the most important cruise terminals in the Adriatic.

Porto Corsini is considered the oldest among the seaside towns of Ravenna.  This tourist destination privileges the sea and the direct contact with nature, thanks to the rich forest running behind the dunes that outlines its coast.
It’s not by chance indeed that, like the nearby town of Casalborsetti, it offers several camping areas to fully enjoy a holiday in the name of freedom.

You should choose Porto Corsini for its beach, which is one of the widest in the Riviera, featuring many establishments and well-equipped facilities, as well as wide areas of free beach, where you can happily lay under the sun.

Here, many activities will keep you busy: traditional beach-volley and beach-tennis, or the exciting water sports, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing—not to mention sailing. The Adriatic Wind Club takes place here, with many dedicated facilities and services.

Along with the pine forest, the outer dam is maybe the most symbolic element of this place. It’s a very long dock (3.5 km) that runs into the sea, protecting the access from the great merchant ships.

Frequented by fishermen and runners, the dam is a very suggestive panoramic point. People can enjoy here the beauty of the sea, but they also come for reflexive walks, fishing line or a bike ride.

If you love nature, we recommend you, just behind the town, the natural area of the Pialassa della Baiona, which, along with the oasis of Punte Alberete, is the undisputed realm of black-winged stilts, flamingos, avocets, and privileged destination for birdwatching enthusiasts.

If, on the other hand, you have a passion for the past, you definitely should visit Garibaldi’s hut , located along the Via Baiona. It’s the place where Giuseppe Garibaldi, one of the heroes of the Italian Unification, found refuge during his escape from the Austrians. From there, you can also visit the Spinaroni Island, a stretch of land linked to the battle for Ravenna liberation during the Second World War.


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