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Municipality of Ravenna

Dante Plus 2021

Oriani Library
9 July - 5 September 2021
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Dante Plus 2021

As part of the wider project DANTE PLUS 2021, on the occasion of Dante’s 700th anniversary, Ravenna hosts a collective exhibition dedicated to the face of the Great Poet. Curated by Marco Miccoli aka “Bonobolabo”, the exhibition will take place from 9 July to 5 September 2021.

Dante is maybe the most famous poet in the world, and the Divine Comedy has undoubtedly inspired every generation since. The masterpiece of the Supreme Poet has been resisting space and time, ultimately reaching the present day.

Dante’s work is exceptional and still today draws people together: it talks about people’s fears, feelings, and imperfections.

The exhibition gathers a group of very different artists from one another. From drawings to comic books and street art; all the works have the common aim of paying homage to Dante, each with their own version of the poet’s face.

The 2021 edition, being this year the 7th centenary of Dante’s death, will be the richest version ever, counting no less than 150 artists.

Placed next to the Dante’s Tomb, the location is — as usual — the Library of Contemporary History “Alfredo Oriani”, which counts more than 170 thousands volumes dedicated to history, sociology, contemporary economics.

The exhibition will include a range of experiences: augmented reality (ARIA The AR Platform); new technology for the 3D design (Publis ICC); national competitions, such as Art Rights; special collaborations, as the one with the Taffo Funeral Services. Everything flows into the common aim of displaying unreleased storytelling and innovative advertising actions, all connected with the figure of Dante.

“Dante Plus 2021” has been supported by Comitato Nazionale per le Celebrazioni dei 700 anni and the Municipality of Ravenna.


Further information


  • Oriani Library
    Via Corrado Ricci, 26 - Ravenna


July 9, 2021, 18:00


Monday and Wednesday: 10am – 1pm / 3pm – 6pm / 8pm – 11pm
Tuesday: 10am – 1pm
Thursday: 10am – 1pm / 3pm – 6pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 1pm / 8pm – 11pm



From 6 August, in order to take part in the event and enter enclosed spaces, people must have the COVID-19 Green Pass (or vaccine certificate or negative test result performed within 48 hours prior to the event).

For further information, see: Covid-19 updates: information for tourists

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