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The mosaics in the city museums

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Between Past and Future, a celebration of mosaic art

The Tamo – Tutta l’Avventura del Mosaico museum, located in the ancient Church of San Nicolò, provides an opportunity to delve more deeply in the itinerary devoted to mosaic art, giving a historical overview of Ravenna’s ancient mosaic art and its transformation over the centuries.

The museum shows the techniques and development of mosaic art in the course of time, gathering and displaying, among other exhibits, huge carpets from the Roman period originating from the villas of the surrounding area, medieval mosaics and twentieth century works.

The MAR – Museo d’Arte della città di Ravenna dedicates two floors to the discovery of modern and contemporary mosaic, with permanent collections and a series of mosaic works based on sketches by famous 20th century painters, as well as peculiar and amusing mosaic sculptures.

A sparkling azure-blue modern mosaic emblazons the entrance door to the brand new Classis Ravenna – Museo Nazionale di Ravenna, which, set inside the pavilions of the former sugar refinery of the city of Classe, collects and displays the valuable archaeological finds unearthed in the surrounding area.

It is yet another original and interesting display, along a picturesque timeline, which interacts with the outdoor space; the Archaeological Park and the remains of the Ancient Port.

The Museo Nazionale di Ravenna, located in the monumental complex of San Vitale, houses masterpieces and treasures that have been donated or found in major archaeological excavations and restoration sites.

The best known are those from early Christian and Byzantine monuments that are designated World Heritage Sites, including the barriers and the cross found at San Vitale and the preparatory sinopia outline for the mosaic found at Sant’Apollinare in Classe. A visit to this Museum, therefore, is a fitting conclusion to an in-depth themed tour dedicated to mosaic by way of the museums of the city.

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