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NatuRa Museum

Via Rivaletto, 25 - Sant'Alberto
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If Europe counts about 500 registered bird species, the valleys, marshes and lagoons in the territory of Ravenna count as much as 380 of them. The amazing NatuRa Museum – Museum of Natural Sciences “Alfredo Brandolini” offers many different experiences to discover the multitude of plant and animal species (even rare ones!) of the area.

Set up in a historical 16th century-old building in Sant’Alberto, just 14 km from Ravenna, the NatuRa Museum is one of the main gateways to the Po Delta Park.

As a matter of fact, it organizes many meetings and workshops to get to know and protect nature, not to mention the wide offer of tours and excursions to visit the surrounding natural areas. Punte Alberete, the pine forest of San Vitale and the Penisola di Boscoforte are all unique places that welcome many important  bird species like waders, pied avocets and bar-tailed godwits.

Moreover, the museum hosts a huge collection of animal examples and natural objects, including the greatest shell in the world. Visiting it, you will see the ruff in breeding plumage; the Spoonbill, which nests only in Punte Alberete; the Wigeon, which comes here to winter; or the many birds of prey, reptiles and mammals that come here in search of a place away from humankind.

Of course, also rare species are on display, such as the curlew, dubbed “the birdwatcher’s holy grail”; the little egret and the several storks on their massive nests (almost two metres in diametre). Other smaller birds like sparrows, wagtails and starlings, in order escape the sight of the birds of prey, have learnt to nest amidst the braches in the base of the storks’ nests.

The Museum NatuRa has been acknowledged by Regione Emilia-Romagna as “high quality museum and Emilia-Romagna service and consultancy centre for independent educational institutions”.




One of the most fascinating experiences organized by the Museum NatuRa is the excursion to the Penisola di Boscoforte, a 6.5 km stretch of land in the souther lagoon of Comacchio, on the border with Ferrara.

Originated more than 2,500 years ago around a dune belt, it is a corner of paradise, rich in biodiversity. Here, fresh and salt water give rise to diversified habitats, which are typical of a lagoon environment and characterised by a great variety of flora and fauna. This is the reason why Boscoforte is one of the most beloved destinations for birdwatching and natural photography.

In the area is an abundance of marsh reeds, tamarisks and salt marshes, as well as countless species of birds, both resident and migratory, such as the astounding pink flamingos, absorbed searching with their funny beaks for artemia salina, small crustaceans they are so fond of, which give them their characteristic pink plumage.

Furthermore, you will see shelducks, black-winged, avocets, and many other species such as the rare and protected European marsh tortoise.

On the Penisola di Boscoforte, the most unexpected encounter, however, is with the Camargue-Delta horses, a horse breed imported at the beginning of the 1980s. Today, 85 Camargue-Delta horses still survive in the wild. Heedless of the visitors, they spend their days moving freely in small herds, searching for reeds, glasswort and rushes.

Even though the area is private property, it is open to guided tours. Tourists will have so the chance to discover the beauty of this place in a loop walk of about 2 hours.

Following the course of the Rhine, you can also proceed on your own and reach another spectacular oasis: Volta Scirocco.

Here, especially at sunset, when the reflections of light curl on the water surface, you will enjoy truly spectacular sceneries. Even in winter, when the fog descends almost touching the water, you can sense the atmosphere of a Romantic painting.

Further information

Opening times

From Tuesday to Thursday: 9.30am – 1pm
Friday: 9.30am – 1pm | 2pm –  6pm

Closing time

The museum is closed on Saturday and Sunday

Entrance fee

Ticket: €3 
Concession: €2*

*People over 65 years; school-age students (mandatory schooling); conscientious objectors; associations with agreements; grops with min. 15 paying people

Free of charge

People with disabilities, pre-school-age children, group couriers, journalists.
Citizens of Sant’Alberto on Thursday and Friday


Completely accessible to people with disabilities

How to get there

The museum is located in Sant’Alberto (15 km from Ravenna). Bus parking area behind the building.
Bus routes: no. 140-141-144

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Last edit:4 June 2021