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Municipality of Ravenna

MDT – Museo Didattico del Territorio

Via del Sale, 88 - Ravenna
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About 15 km from Ravenna, in the locality of San Pietro in Campiano, a former school building has been converted into an educational museum centre to house the Educational Museum of the Territory.

The TDM consists of two thematic sections, one archaeological and one ethnographic. The museum houses various archaeological materials unearthed during agricultural work carried out from the second half of the 1950s onwards and kept by the teachers of the S. Pietro in Campiano primary school, many of whom were local residents. It was during these years that the teachers developed their own teaching methods on the history of the territory.

The teachers’ enthusiasm was then passed on to parents and pupils who, over time, helped to enrich the collections with archaeological documents, ethnographic evidence, local birdlife and fossils.

The activities proposed are always characterised by a direct and manual approach, in line with the principles of “didactic of doing”, and are aimed at schools of all levels, with activities coordinated with the ministerial programmes and with the objective of offering the experiential component of teaching.

The museum also offers a wide range of workshops: there is a rich choice of themes and activities for children from nursery, primary and secondary schools. The ethnography workshops, for example, retrace the art of decorating and painting the moulded canvas, through the discovery of vegetable colours and ancient techniques.

Particularly exciting are the events that re-propose the daily life of grandparents, through the preparation of bread, the construction of ancient games, the telling of fairy tales and legends of the past, as well as the experience of the school of the past, thanks to fun reconstructions of how lessons were held, with materials, classrooms and objects of the time.

In addition, the archaeology workshops aim to rediscover the origins of the populations linked to the area, with the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the various periods, from Prehistory to the Middle Ages.

The workshops dedicated to the art of mosaics are also important, to bring children closer to the extraordinary heritage that contributes to making Ravenna a unique UNESCO site in the world.

In addition to the workshops, it is also possible, on request, to explore individual themes, plan specific activities or organise guided tours.


Further information

Opening times

Because of the Covid-19 Emergency, the museum is closed to the public until new ministerial dispositions

Entrance fee

Free admission | Educational workshops: €4

A cura della Redazione Locale

Last edit:4 June 2021

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