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The Rotoballa of MAR

Via di Roma, 13 - Ravenna
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The work “RotoB”, or Rotoballa, was created by Marco Bravura for the 2015 Ravenna International Mosaic Festival and placed in the garden in front of the city’s Art Museum. The composition is a life-size bale of hay, reproduced in golden mosaic tiles in three different shades on a fibreglass base with a diameter of 180 centimetres and 120 centimetres in depth.

The work celebrates the importance of recovering and reusing waste materials. On a symbolic level, the gold colour represents something “rich” and “superfluous”, while the hay bale evokes the natural and beneficial qualities of grain. A contrasting combination in a striking yet simple work, which has great impact, accentuated by its location among the museum’s flower beds.

In 1987, Bravura opened a mosaic studio in which he interprets the Byzantine tradition in a contemporary way. In 1998 he won first prize at the Biennale d’Arte Romagnola, mosaic section, and has exhibited in numerous shows in Italy and abroad, including the 2011 Venice Biennale and the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.


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