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The Mosaico Onda in the Classis Ravenna museum

Via Classense, 29 - Classe
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It is a spectacular 33-metre long mosaic wave, made up of a ton of enamel and half a million tesserae, testifying to the deep connection between the ancient city of Classe and its port.

This evocative work was conceived by two important artists from Ravenna and permanently installed on the entrance ramp of Classis Ravenna – Museo della Città e del Territorio (Museum of the City and Territory).

The spectacular waterfall symbolises the relationship between land and water, through the brown colours of the former sugar refinery and the azure and blue reflections of the sea, from which sugar used to leave for Europe.

Thanks to the refraction of light on the tiles, the viewer’s eye beholds the image of water in motion, with an emotional reference to the ancient Port of Classe.

The two professionals who designed the installation, Andrea Mandara and Paolo Racagni, are also the museum curator and artistic director of the initiative respectively. The work was made by the RavennaAntica Ancient Mosaic Restoration Laboratory.

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