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Mosaic benches

Via Antico Squero - Ravenna
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Five mosaic benches, made in collaboration with the Istituto d’Arte on the occasion of the Biennale del Mosaico 2015, are now permanent urban furniture along the city streets.

Purchased by the Municipality of Ravenna, the benches are the product of an artistic project carried out in collaboration with Social Sofa Ltd, a small Dutch community in Tilburg, with the aim of stimulating the social rehabilitation of the unemployed and destitute.

Assisted by mosaic artists, members of the Dutch community created the sofas decorated with tiles and inspired by internationally renowned artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Paul Smith.

The five works were arranged along the Darsena promenade and in the courtyard of Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste, the municipal administration’s branch office. Alongside these works, four similar ones were created by the students of the Nervi-Severini school of art and two of them were placed in Via Salara.

Thanks to an important shared pathway, it was therefore possible to move from a design to the actual realisation of a unique street furniture scheme. Being of strong social value, the works of the Liceo Artistico Nervi-Severini were in fact baptised “the benches of dialogue”; marking this important moment of encounter and exchange between generations, citizens and different cultures.

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