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Cat Rescue Centre

The Cat Rescue Centre of Ravenna provides care and temporary and/or permanent recovery to abandoned cats in need of immediate help, or from feline colonies. It is suitable for cats that suffer from pathologies that require a period of isolation, or are traumatized, injured or that have undergone sterilization operations.

After healing, cats are reinserted in the former colonies, while they can stay in the rescue centre if they are no longer self-sufficient or if they entered the rescue centre as kittens and without a former colony and cannot, therefore, be abandoned on the territory.
Cats housed in the rescue centre are all vaccinated against main pathologies, sterilized and are subject periodically to veterinary’s control.

Cat Rescue Centre

Via Trieste 342 - Ravenna
Tel. +39 0544 436202

Opening hours

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday: 2.30pm - 5pm

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Via Trieste, 342

» Cat Rescue Centre

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