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Po Delta Park Visitor Centre

The Po Delta Park has several Visitor Centres that represent a reference point for the visit to the park stations. Each centre proposes educational and recreational activities and provides information about the natural environment of the reserve, as well as about the activities and trips organized by the Park.

NatuRa Museum (Sant'Alberto) and Cubo Magico la Bevanella (“La Bevanella” Magical Cube) are the Visitor Centres and museums of the Po Delta Park for the territory of Ravenna.

NatuRa Museum of Sant'Alberto

The Palazzone houses two important centres. The former is the Visitor Centre of the station called "Pineta di San Vitale e Pialasse di Ravenna" (San Vitale Pinewood and Pialasse di Ravenna), and the latter is the Natural Science Museum of Ravenna. On the first floor, the dioramas and the big show-cases of the museum accompanied by explanatory panels contain a selection of the wide Brandolini ornithological collection, as well as some reptile and mammal specimens, both local and exotic. The visit continues in the attic, a vast warehouse furnished with smaller cases containing systematically arranged finds, useful for scholars and researchers.

Via Rivaletto, 25 - Sant'Alberto (RA)
Tel: +39 0544 528710 - 529260


La Bevanella Cubo Magico Visitor centre

The Visitor Centre is a welcoming and functional structure surrounded by a nice green area, very close to the ancient Classe Pinewood and to Bevano river, i. e. the only river of the North Adriatic still preserving its natural mouth. The initiatives of the Visitor Centre aim at promoting the natural and environmental treasures of the area by using the network of existing paths. The centre hosts an interactive museum called Cubo Magico (Magical Cube), where visitors can discover the geological evolution of the territory with the help of multimedia technologies. Some of the investigated processes are climate changes, the phenomena of coastal erosion, salt water ingressions, the integrated management of coastal areas and the hydraulic management of the territory.

Via Canale Pergami - 48015 Savio (RA)
Tel: +39 335 5632818 - +39 0544 528710 / 529260

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