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Trade fairs and conventions

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Ravenna, in addition to its beaches, its cuisine and its art treasures, also offers the possibility of hosting fairs and congresses of different scales. There are numerous facilities capable of hosting events with a notable number of admissions, to which is combined the wide availability of facilities for accommodation and meals.

The main frame of reference of the city is the Palace of the Arts and Entertainment Mauro De Andrè, a large multipurpose facility located on the outskirts of Ravenna. The modularity and the breadth of its environment allows the structure to host conferences, exhibitions and fairs, concerts and sporting events. Featuring innovative technologies for all kinds of meeting, the complex of Pala De Andrè covers 103,000 square metres in total.

Large-scale congresses can be hosted by two other congress centers in Ravenna. The Convention Center of Palazzo Corradini, with its 350 seats in total, was completed in late 2000 and is located in the historic city center, just steps from the Alighieri Theater, while just outside the city, we find the Congress Center in the amusement Mirabilandia park: it offers two large rooms with a total capacity of 1,000 seats.

In addition to the major convention centers, within the city many reception halls for congresses, conventions and conferences are available. A short walk from the City Hall, inside the sixteenth-century Casa Melandri, we find the P. P. D’Attorre Hall, where meetings open to the citizens are held throughout the year. Also among the several accomodation structures existing in Ravenna, many are those that offer conference facilities, having within them the availability of meeting rooms of various sizes; among them, a special mention goes to the historic conference room set up inside the famous Albergo Cappello in the city center .

Halls used for having of meetings are also present inside the offices of several organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce and the CNA.