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Teatro Musica 2018 • Operetta and Musical

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Teatro Musica 2018 • Operetta and Musical
Dante Alighieri Theatre - via Mariani, 2
Dates: 23/01/2018, 22/02/2018, 15/03/2018
Hours: 9pm

Five great dates with operetta and musical with the best Companies. At its 32nd edition, the annual event at Dante Alighieri Theatre for Teatro Musica by Capit starts in December 2017 

Every play will be held in Italian.
Stalls, 1st, 2nd, 3rd tiers: 27€; concession 22€; Capit associates 18€; 5€ under 14 
Balcony, 4th tier: 22€; concession 18€; Capit associates 14€; 5€ under 14 
Gallery: 12€; Capit associates 10€; 5€ under 14 

Season ticket
Stalls, 1st, 2nd, 3rd tiers: 105€; concession 85€; Capit associates 75€
Balcony, 4th tier: 85€; concession 70€; Capit associates 60€
Gallery: 50€; concession 40€; Capit associates 30€

Concessions are for people over 65 years old, under 26 years old, lyric 2017-2018 season subscribers, Capit employees and affiliated companies

Saturday 24 March

Compagnia Golden Show
Viaggio nell’operetta: Il musical!
A fabulous musical itinerary that starts in Vienna and Budapest, following the footsteps of Strauss, Lehar, Kalman, Offenbach, Lombardo and Ranzato and arriving at the musical and the musical comedy by Garinei & Giovannini


Thursday 21 December

Compagnia Teatro Musica Novecento
La Danza Delle libellule
The masterpiece born from the marriage of music by Franz Lehar and the librettist Carlo Lombardo

Tuesday 23 January

Comp. In Scena di Corrado Abbati
Gigì, innamorarsi a Parigi
The famous musical by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe that has trodden the boards of Broadway winning eight Oscars.
A great show produced by Corrado Abbati for the first time in Italy in his original version

Thursday 22 February

Compagnia Teatro Musica Novecento
The operetta from the libretto of Carlo Lombardo and put to music by Mario Costa reproduces the atmosphere of Naples in the first years of the twentieth century with a mix of arie with a Neapolitan melody flair and rhythm of that time.

Thursday 15 March

Compagnia La Fenice
Nightmare Before Christmas 
From a subject by Tim Burton, the company La Fenice will perform in the Italian version the musical set in the imaginary land of Halloween.

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Dante Alighieri Theatre - via Mariani, 2
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