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Soundscape • 2019

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Soundscape • 2019
Mar - Museo d'arte della città di Ravenna - via di Roma, 13
Dates: 12/04/2019, 26/04/2019, 16/05/2019

The  Mar - Ravenna Art Museum organises again this year the musical meetings Soundscape dedicated to activities of research, meetings and concerts promoted by the Institute of musical studies Giuseppe Verdi. The young graduand students or specializing musicians are the protagonists of the conference-concerts.

Free admission

From Tuesday, 4 to Thursday, 6 June

Masterclass with Victor Correa Cruz-Violino
Time: 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm; on 6 June only 10am-1pm

Thursday, 6 June

Meeting with Cecilia Luzzi
Time: 4pm

Friday, 7 June

Conference/concert with Maria Quaranta
Time: 4pm

Saturday, 8 June

Concert by Victor Correa - Cruz and Chiara Cipelli
Time: 4pm

Thursday, 13 June

Conference/concert with Paolo Pasciucco and Carlo Margotti
Time: 4pm

Thursday, 20 June

Conference/concert with Michele Fontana and Stilyana Nikolova
Time: 4pm

Friday, 21 June

Concert by Delilah Gutman, Filippo Dionigi, Alessio Pisani, Alessandro Saffioti
Time: 4pm


Friday, 22 March

Masterclass with Stefano Franceschini-Clarinetto Basso
Time: 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm

Friday, 12 April

Concert for Violin and Quartet of bows
Time: 4pm

Friday, 26 April

Concert Ensemble by Fagotti
Time: 4pm

Thursday, 16 May

Meeting with Donatella Restani
Time: 4pm

Thursday, 23 May

Meeting with Nicoletta Guidobaldi
Time: 4pm

Thursday, 30 May

Meeting with Franco Alberto Gallo
Time: 4pm

Masterclass with Detlev Glanert-Composizione
Time: 10am-1pm and 3pm-7pm

Friday, 31 May

Masterclass with Detlev Glanert-Composizione
Time: 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm

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Mar - Museo d'arte della città di Ravenna - via di Roma, 13
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