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Garage Sale in & Out • March 2018

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Garage Sale in & Out • March 2018
Artificerie Almagià - via dell'Almagià, 2
Date: 25/03/2018
Hours: 10.30am - 7.30pm

Ravenna's second-hand market Garage Sale will be back on Sunday 25 March for the 2nd appointment of 2018.
The event is designed for those looking for special, vintage and second-hand things. It is a collection of fascinating, disused objects from attics and closets as well as clothing and accessories reinvented through the taste and creativity of the exhibitors.

For a whole day, the entire area surrounding Almagià will turn into an open-air "temporary shop" with music and contemporary art, including art performances, flash mobs and urban dance performances. Garage Sale is a meeting point for young people and all those interested in culture, art, design, music and fashion. 

 Music by Simona Diacci Trinity / Marina Meccanica + guests

 Untitled, photographic project by Lorenzo Lelli

 Readings for children with Nati per Leggere at 11am

 Food Truck Area, street food for every taste

Free admission

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Artificerie Almagià - via dell'Almagià, 2

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