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Ravenna Festival 2019 • Vespers of San Vitale

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Ravenna Festival 2019 • Vespers of San Vitale
Basilica San Vitale - Via Galla Placidia, 17
Refectory of the Nazionale Museum - Via San Vitale, 17
Dates: from 06/06/2019 to 14/07/2019, except on 16/06/2019
Hours: 7pm

Again this year, Ravenna Festival with the festival Vespri di San Vitale pays homage to the most important church in the city, the Basilica of San Vitale, a World Heritage.
From 6 June to 14 July, the basilica becomes animated of sounds and mystical voices: at the time of vespers, visitors and citizens are invited to live a unique experience on a golden background of mosaics, suspended between the East and the West, in the beauty of San Vitale - a musical, artistic and spiritual fascination -  across music that for centuries has been marking the essence of its soul.

Admission fee: €1 (free for the under 14)

From Monday, 8 to Wednesday, 10 July

Byzantine melodies
Music of the Orthodox Churches
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Irmos Ensemble
Margarita Swarczewskaja mezzo-soprano and artistic direction
Anna Tarca mezzo-soprano
Bayarma Rinchinova contralto
Valeria Cecon mezzo-soprano

Traditional religious Byzantine songs with texts in Church Slavonic and Greek. It is a high form of universal prayer that is based on the traditional eight Church tones

Thursday, 11 July

Sacro Contemporaneo
For soloist
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Giulia Zaniboni, soprano

Contemporary techniques combine with the first notes of the educated Western music's history, researching what makes the timbre of voice the first and primordial aspect of the music experience

Friday, 12 July

Salotto Byron
National Museum of Ravenna (Refectory) | 7pm

RaRe Duo
Valentina Vanini mezzo-soprano
Marco Santià piano

It's a real homage to the English poet in the city where he lived from 1819 to 1821, reading his texts accompanied by French and Germanic music and framed by two heroic songs

Saturday, 13 and Sunday 14 July

Laudate Dominum in Chordis
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Emblema Ensemble
Davide Bizzarri, Davide Simonelli violins
Andrea Vezzoso viola
Claudia Bizzarri cello

Giacomo Bigoni guitar
Valentina Vanini contralto

The difference of timbres of the quartet, the guitar, and the voice of Emblema Ensemble recalls the repertoire of famous composers rich of spiritual value



From Thursday, 6 to Monday, 10 June

… e immediatamente diventai sapiente
Le “turbatissime visioni” of Hildegard von Bingen
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Based on an idea by Federica Lotti
Music Francesco Maria Paradiso
Text Guido Barbieri

Emanuela Faraglia narrator
Pamela Lucciarini soprano
Federica Lotti flutes and vocals
Massimo Marchi live electronics and sound direction

On the stage the painful separation of Hildegard from her favourite apprentice Richardis von Stade.

Saturday, 8 June

Domus Supra Petram
Palestrina: construction of the spirit
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Libera Vox Ensemble
Carla Ferrari, Matelda Viola 
Ekaterina Vilpo, Antonello Dorigo contraltos
Adriano Caroletti, Fabrizio Scipioni tenors
Giuliano Mazzini, Guido Vetere basses
conductor Luigi Taglioni

The Palestinian sound, which harmonizes the complexity of the Flemish polyphonic research with a holy and simultaneously human music. 

From Tuesday, 11 to Thursday, 13 June

Performance for live electronics
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Composition and performance
Maurizio Alfonsi

Based on improvisation, it is a "modal-timbre" dialogue between archaic vocal forms and current structural-auditory concepts

Friday, 14 and Saturday, 15 June

Ave gloriosa Mater
Sacred music between the 12th and 13th century
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Il Giardino Delle Muse
Simone Erre recorders, conduction
Benedetta Ferracin recorders

Different types of recorders give to the public an evoking auditory experience

Monday, 17 and Tuesday, 18 June

Violoncello solo
Milestone figures of the literature for cello
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Jo-Chan Lincello

The performance of Bach’s Cello Suites unfailingly generates wonder, admiration, bewilderment, and almost consternation. Construction of two big sections, each of them composed of three pieces, at the centre of which is the tempo lento of the Saraband.

Wednesday, 19 and Thursday, 20 June

Project for a solo sax
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Music by
Dimitri Grechi Espinoza sax

The magical sound of the saxophone, will use the uniqueness of the acoustics inside the basilica and use its natural resonance to create original melodies. With this project, the musician wants “to help music to regain its original aim of dialogue with the Sacred, overcoming the different credos, the cultural distances, and meeting in this way the self and the other”.

From Friday, 21 to Sunday, 23 June

Ecce Maria
Ghirlanda di Mottetti sacri e Cantate
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Ensemble Dolci Accenti
Michele Fracasso tenor
Daniele Cernuto viol and vocals
Calogero Sportato theorbo

Iconography and music based on the figure of the Virgin Mary, typical of the seventeenth-century Baroque music

From Monday, 24 to Wednesday 26 June

Pulvis et umbra sumus
Palestrina: buildings of the spirit
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Consorteria delle tenebre
Teodoro Baù soprano viol
Rosita Ippolito tenor viol
Marco Casonato bass viol
Noelia Reverte Reche bass viol

The Palestinian sound harmonizes the complexity of the Flemish polyphonic research with the sacred and simultaneously human music

Thursday, 27 June

The Greek-Byzantine sound
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Nektaria Karantzi, voice

The Greek-Byzantine sound in one only voice, without instruments and based on ecclesiastic tones, develops across odes and canons, symphonic poems, tropers, and hallelujah.

Friday, 28 June

Cantar Sacro
The 1900s
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Polyphonic choir “Ludus Vocalis” of Ravenna
Stefano Sintoni
Emilia Ferrari, Anna Rigotti sopranos
Cristina Bilotti organ

The meeting between the Ludus Vocalis choir and Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci gave birth to this concert itinerary based on the value of the sacred and on the need to conserve his vitality

Saturday, 29 June

Missa Dolorosa
By Antonio Caldara
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Coro Ecce Novum 
Gamma Chorus

Arianna Lanci soprano
Daniela Pini mezzo-soprano
Michele Concato tenor
Alberto Bianchi Lanzoni bass

Faventia Ensemble
Roberto Noferini first violin
Paolo Rosetti bassoon
Chiara Cattani organ

conductor Silvia Biasini

In this Mass with different styles meet in a perfect alternation of dispersed movements, homorhythmic fragments, and rhythmic episodes, Caldara shows his talent for the counterpoint and his melodic and expressive power.

Sunday, 30 June and Monday, 1 July

Cantar Francesco
The sacred in the popular, from the parchment to the heart
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Daniele Di Bonaventura bandoneon
Gruppo Vocale Armonioso Incanto
Franco Radicchia

Music from Ufficio ritmico and the famous Laudario di Cortona. Accompanied by the ancient soft and elegant melodies of the bandoneon.

Tuesday, 2 July

Ave Maria
Great classics of the Marian devotion
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Annalisa Ferrarini soprano
Carla They 

Pious and erudite verses spread out from this piece of sacred music, paying homage to the Virgin with the authentic “soundtrack" of the most shared Marian worship

Wednesday, 3 and Thursday 4 July

Concerti Spirituali
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

By Alessandro Melani 

I Musici del Gran Principe
Benedetta Corti soprano I
Margherita Tani soprano II
Elisabetta Vuocolo contralto
Francesco Marchetti tenor
Alessandro Ravasio bass
Valeria Brunelli cello
Francesco Olivero theorbo and baroque guitar
Dimitri Betti positive organ
conductor Samuele Lastrucci

A homage to composer from Pistoia Alessandro Melani, who published in Rome in 1682 the Concerti Spirituali, 18 motets dedicated to HSH Grand Duke of Tuscany Ferdinando de’ Medici

From Friday, 5 to Sunday, 7 July 

Echi Riflessi
Musical expressions and mystery of faith
Basilica San Vitale | 7pm

Gocce d’Armonia

This themed itinerary through the sacred music a cappella involves the public in a journey back in time, showing different ages and styles. The first part of the concert is based on the Eucharist and on some compositions by Saint Thomas Aquinas; the second part is about the figure of the Virgin Mary, whereas the conclusion will be the Magnificat performed by the Latvian Ēriks Ešenvalds and the Song of Simeone, the Nunc Dimittis.

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Refectory of the Nazionale Museum - Via San Vitale, 17
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