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Boat trips to Isola degli Spinaroni • 2019

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Boat trips to Isola degli Spinaroni • 2019
Baiona stage - Porto Corsini
Dates: 11/08/2019, 17/08/2019, 25/08/2019

Meeting point: parking lot on the landing stage of the Baiona bridge (Via Baiona, Porto Corsini, follow the sign "Isola degli Spinaroni Imbarco")

In the Pialassa Baiona, just before Marina Romea, is the Isola degli Spinaroni, that, even if it is only a tiny plot, is one of the most suggestive lands of the Po Delta valleys.
The Isola had a central role during the Resistenza Italiana (Italian resistance), where Italian and American and English soldiers, together with partisans, fought against Nazi-fascism. The place became important especially from 1944 when the "Terzo Lori" (belonging to the 4th detachment of Garibaldi's partisan brigade) stopped in this place; he planned, in fact, the liberation of Ravenna, which occurred on the 4th December of the same year.

The guided tours are held by a group of volunteer teachers, organised by Anpi and by Associazione Spinaroni, with the support of the Municipality of Ravenna.

Participation fee (groups are of min. 20 - max. 30 people): 15€ per person (5€ for school-age children). The fee includes: boat trips, book "Isola degli Spinaroni), coffee and biscuits, didactic historical and natural meeting.
Chance of an English guided tour if requested in advance.
Reservation is mandatory: +39 348 8811181 (Dover Roma); +39 335 6415567 (Arturo Mazzoni);  +39 339 3150709 (Bruna Tabarri)


 Sunday, 1 September | At 9am

 Sunday, 8 September | At 9am

• Saturday, 14 September | At 3pm

 Sunday, 22 September | At 9am

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Baiona stage - Porto Corsini
+39 348 8811181
+39 335 6415567

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