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Bonsai Exhibit
Biblioteca Oriani - Via Corrado Ricci, 26
Dates: from 18/04/2020 to 19/04/2020
Hours: 9.30am-12.30pm / 2pm-7pm

On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 April, the association ‘Bizantina Bonsai Club’ organizes a display of bonsai inside the rooms of the Oriani Library.

It's non just a show dedicated to bonsai and the art of creating little, extraordinary gnome trees, but it's also an opportunity to meet and spread the philosophy of bonsai-making, both as a hobby and as a form of artistic and nature expression.

During the exhibition, bonsai teachers and club members will work and show visitors the features of the trees on display, giving useful advice on how to take care of your plants.

Free admission

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Biblioteca Oriani - Via Corrado Ricci, 26

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