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Sacra Famiglia - Il presepio sull'acqua

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Sacra Famiglia - Il presepio sull'acqua
Basilica of San Francesco - Piazza San Francesco, 1
Dates: from 15/12/2018 to 31/03/2019
Hours: 8am - 12pm / 3pm - 7pm

Even the Crypt of the Basilica of San Francesco gets dressed for Christmas, welcoming in its spaces the suggestive artwork Sacra Famiglia - un presepio sull'acqua by maestro Felice Nittolo.

It's a nativity scene floating on the waters of the old mosaic floor of the crypt and it consists of three stick characters in mosaic. The three statues are obtained from three spheres, which symbolize the infinite and complete uniformity. The colours too bear a symbolical meaning: the light blue used for the Virgin Mary is the colour of the sky and of pureness, while the gold of Jesus Christ, which is itself a bright and precious colour, stands for holy light and "sun of the humankind"; the purple of Joseph recalls the earth, carrying the meaning of humility and poverty of humankind, also in the shoes of the putative father of Jesus.

For the strong connection to both ancient and contemporary mosaic, the artwork finds inside the basilica its natural place, becoming a bridge between the present and the past.

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Basilica of San Francesco - Piazza San Francesco, 1
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