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La Ludla secondo Giuliano Giuliani

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La Ludla secondo Giuliano Giuliani
Classense Library / Manica Lunga - Via Baccarini, 3a
Dates: from 17/11/2018 to 09/12/2018
Closing day: Monday
Hours: 3pm - 6.30pm (da martedì a domenica)

Inauguration: Saturday, 17th November at 4.30pm (Sala Muratori), with the presence of Chief of Municipal Culture Department Elsa Signorino, President Carla Fabbri, scholar Carla Bugani and artist Giuliano Giuliani

At the Classense Library, the exhibition La Ludla secondo Giuliano Giuliani shows the drawings by Giuliano Giuliani, illustrator of the monthly publications La Ludla. The periodical was born in 1997 with the aim of safeguarding and praising Romagna's dialect and heritage. Giuliani, through his incredible and pure pencil drawings, depicts and recalls the people's history of yesterday, in order not to forget the ancient roots of Romagna and to pass them down to the young and future generations. The exhibition greets this vital cultural world born 20 years ago in Ravenna that also includes literary meetings.

L'iniziativa è curata e promossa dall'Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Ravenna, Istituzione Biblioteca Classense Ravenna in collaborazione con Istituto “Friedrich Schürr”

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Classense Library / Manica Lunga - Via Baccarini, 3a
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