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La Favorita
Classense Library (Manica Lunga) - Via Baccarini, 3
Dates: from 18/09/2018 to 18/10/2018
Closing day: Monday
Hours: 3pm - 6.30pm

Austrian artist Peter Assmann arrives in Ravenna with "La Favorita", on display in the section Sala Manica Lunga of the Classense Library until 18th October.

Assmann, in these latest artworks, researches the endless possibilities of the artistic transcription of the reality he experiences, adopting graphical techniques. What originates is a series of "lived" images, given by the creative process suspended between impression and expression. Each work is a message to people open to new questions, that lead to a different "other" experience, deeply characterised by sensations and emotions, and able to change even their social environment.

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Classense Library (Manica Lunga) - Via Baccarini, 3
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