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Between normality and madness. From Bosch to Art Brut, Ligabue to Basquiat
MAR – Art Museum of City of Ravenna
Via di Roma, 13 Ravenna
Date: February 17th - June 16th 2013
Event timetable:
> Up to March 31st

Tuesday - Friday    9.00am - 6.00pm
Saturday and Sunday    9.00am - 7.00pm
Monday closed

> From April 1st

Tuesday - Thursday    9.00am - 6.00pm
Friday    9.00am - 9.00pm
Saturday and Sunday    9.00am - 7.00pm
Monday closed

The ticket office closes one hour before closing of the exhibition

Opening during holidays (Easter, Easter Monday, April 25th, May 1st, June 2nd): 9.00am - 9.00pm
Inauguration: Saturday, February 16th. 6.00pm

Today the term Borderline defines a critical modern condition, anthropological even more than clinical and cultural in nature. The exhibition will explore the uncertain confines of the artistic experience existing above and beyond the stabilised categories of the twentieth century, defining a creative zone with ever-changing boundaries, in which both mainstream artists and those considered “mad”, “alienated”, or “outsiders” in the vernacular of the '70s, find artistic expression.

The exhibition will be organised into thematic sections:
After an extensive INTROSPECTIVE INTRODUCTION, with works by Bosch, Géricault and Goya, the exhibition will be organised into thematic sections. The creations of Art Brut will however be a constant presence throughout.
The section DISAGIO DELLA REALTA(THE MALAISE OF REALITY) will display important works from leading protagonists such as Dubuffet, Basquiat, Tancredi, Chaissac and Wols, alongside the work of Art Brut artists, outsiders in the artistic scene, to explore the ambiguous borderline between the creativity of the alienated and the malaise expressed in mainstream art of the last century.
The DISAGIO DEL CORPO (PHYSICAL MALAISE) will explore a series of works in which the protagonist is the body that becomes the extension of the pictorial surface and sometimes the work itself in its most surprising transformations, depicted in playful or violent tones, with works by Moreni, Zinelli, the protagonists of Wiener Aktionismus and the Cobra group such as Jorn and Corneille.
Within the RITRATTI DELL’ANIMA (POTRAITS OF THE SOUL) section, ample space is devoted to a series of portraits, and particularly self-portraits, one of the most frequent forms of unconscious self-analysis for patients in healthcare facilities, with works by Ghizzardi, Kubin, Ligabue, Moreni, Rainer, Sandri, Jorn, Appel, Aleshinsky and Viani.
The exhibition proceeds with a series dedicated to sculpture, the TERZA DIMENSIONE DEL MONDO (THE THIRD DIMENSION OF THE WORLD), with spectacular Art Brut sculptures, original works by Gervasi and large primitive artefacts.
Finally, in the SOGNO RIVELA LA NATURA DELLE COSE (DREAMS REVEAL TRUE NATURE) section, a title that harkens back to a 1989 exhibition by the Fondazione Mazzotta, the oneiric will be represented as the phantom of the Borderline with a selection of surrealist paintings from artists such as Dalì, Ernst, Masson and Brauner, as well as the work of Klee, great connoisseur of infantile and alienated art.

The Borderline exhibition will be curated by Claudio Spadoni, scientific director of the MAR-Museo d’Arte of the city of Ravenna and by Giorgio Bedoni, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and professor at the Accademia di Brera.
We would like thank a number of museums, public and private collections including: Collection de l’Art Brut, Losanna; Museo delle Culture, Lugano; Fondazione Antonio Mazzotta, Milan; Centro di Documentazione di Storia della Psichiatria “San Lazzaro”; Archivio Conti; Fondazione culturale Carlo Zinelli, San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR); Casa Museo Pietro Ghizzardi, Boretto (RE) and Centro Studi & Archivio Antonio Ligabue, Parma.
Catalogue of the Edizioni Gabriele Mazzotta with the reproduction of all exhibited works, various contributions by critics and an extensive section of documentary notes.

> Full ticket: € 9,00
> Reduced ticket: € 7,00
> Students, academics, universities and teachers: € 4,00
Entrance events and appointments:
> Friday evening with drink and guided tour (from April 5th to June 15th 2013): € 14,00 (from 7.00pm)
> Appointments for guided tour: € 12,00 ((no other discounts apply, conventions and special rates). Every weekend at 11.00am and 4.30pm. 

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