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Ascoltare Bellezza | Luca Pignatelli

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Ascoltare Bellezza | Luca Pignatelli
Classense Library / Sala del Mosaico - Via Baccarini, 1-3
Dates: from 23/09/2018 to 23/11/2018
Hours: 10am - 6pm (Tuesday to Saturday); 2pm - 6pm (Sunday and Monday)

The Classense Library will celebrate nature through the new exhibition Ascoltare Bellezza curated by Paolo Trioschi, displaying artworks by four important contemporary painters, one for each season: Daniela Alfarano (starting from Tuesday, 20th March); Giovanni Frangi (from Thursday, 21st June); Luca Pignatelli (from Sunday, 23rd September) and Giovanni Manfredini (from Friday, 21st December).

After Daniela Alfarano and Giovanni Frangi, now it's the turn of a contemporary artist among the most important ones of his generation: Luca Pignatelli, who will present on the occasion of the autumnal equinox, on 23rd September at 7pm, his artwork Persepoli, painting on a Persian carpet, on display until 23rd November in Sala Mosaico at the Classense Library

Luca Pignatelli lives and works in Milan. He is a painter able to tackle big dimensions and, in fact, he usually works with abnormal recovered surfaces, which are painting elements per se, on which he works overlaying his personal selection of images, icons of the collective memory taken from a universal known repertoire.

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Classense Library / Sala del Mosaico - Via Baccarini, 1-3
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