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Christmas in Ravenna | Ravenna in Luce

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Christmas in Ravenna | Ravenna in Luce
Various locations - Ravenna
Dates: from 21/12/2017 to 07/01/2018

For the Christmas holidays, Ravenna lights up thanks to Ravenna In Luce this year: an amazing tour throughout the streets of the city centre, to admire the extraordinary light creations by the visionary minds of video mapping artists.

Architectural video projections will make the buildings, the squares and the places linked to the history and the memory of the city even brighter.
Visioni di Eterno® - Trono d'Oriente is the hub of this festival, a project by N.E.O. Visual Project with the aim of valorising the Unesco Sites in Ravenna. The Arian Baptistery, built during the Reign of Theodoric as a place of worship for his Gothic people, will be the main stage for this year's edition.

In Piazza del Popolo, the mapping Il Cielo di Ravenna by the group Prospectika will enlighten the Palazzetto Veneziano with memories and ancient suggestions from artists who traveled and came in Ravenna over the years. Not far away, in the nearby Piazza Kennedy, Luna will be visible on the 5 century-old walls of Palazzo Rasponi Murat, production by festival Chartres en Lumières.

Finally, from 29th December to 1st January the special project MiRaggi, curated by the group from Bologna Apparati Effimeri, will lit up in the darkness of the night the apsis of the Basilica of San Giovanni Evangelista, one of the most beautiful churches in Ravenna.

#RavennainLuce is a project by the Department of Tourism of the Municipality of Ravenna, realised under the artistic direction of Andrea Bernabini.

Visioni di Eterno® 2017 - Trono d'Oriente

Arian Baptistery - Piazzetta Degli Ariani
Duration: from Thursday, 21st December to Sunday, 7th January
Time: every day, from 5.30pm to 10pm
Inauguration: Thursday, 21 December at 6pm

The project Visioni di Eterno® continues, arriving this year to its sixth edition dedicated to the Unesco monuments in Ravenna. The visual travel on the Arian Baptistery will originate from the water flow of the baptismal font. Oneiric scenes and magical visions will lead the spectator into a travel in the balance between past and present.

Direction and project Andrea Bernabini
Visual 3D Sara Caliumi and Roberto Costantini
Music Davide Lavia
Historic consultancy Giovanni Gardini

Il Cielo di Ravenna

Palazzetto Veneziano - Piazza del Popolo
Duration: from Thursday, 21st December to Sunday, 7th January
From 6pm to 7pm, and from 8pm to 9pm | Architectural emotional projections
From 7pm to 8pm, and from 9pm to 10pm | Projecton of Il Cielo di Ravenna
Inauguration: Thursday, 21st December at 6.30pm

The views of Ravenna that inspired artists and travelers over time will gain new life on the walls of the Palazzetto Veneziano, in the beating heart of the city.
Created by Prospectika Group


Piazza Kennedy - Projections on Palazzo Rasponi Murat
Duration: from Thursday, 21st December to Sunday, 7th January
Time: projections every day, from 6pm to 10pm. Exhibition Luna from 7pm to 8pm, and from 9pm to 10pm
Inauguration: Thursday, 21st December at 7pm

It is the tale of a small moon in search of its star friend: it's a visual adventure through celestial worlds, full of mysteries and wonders, that inspire art and beauty. It's a gift and a production by the French city Chartres, sister-city of Ravenna.

Show taken from Chartres en Lumières
Creation and production Camille Gross and Olivier Magermans
Original music composition Olivier Magerman


Shuttles from External Parking Lots
On December 3, 8, 10, 17, 24 the bus line 1 will work as a shuttle to the city centre: every 10 minutes from 9am to 8pm about from the external parking lots (Pala de Andrè, Piazza Vacchi and CinemaCity), where parking is free. Shuttle tickets can be purchased at the ticket machines in the parking lot of CinemaCity and Pala de André.

Free Urban Transport
On Friday, December 23 and Saturday, December 24 buses of the urban and coastal lines are free. For info: 199.199.558

Free parking
From December 9th to January 5th, from 4pm, all the blue-lined parking lots are free.




Speyer Gardens - Back side of the Basilica San Giovanni Evangelista
Duration: from Friday, 29th December to Friday, 1st January
Time: every day, from 6.30pm to 10pm; Sunday, 31st from 6pm to 1am
Inauguration: Friday, 29th December at 7pm

Plays of light and 3D effects will reproduce a suggestive setting with a great visual impact, with complete respect for the sacredness of the Church of San Giovanni Evangelista. The glass windows of the apsis, together with the marvelous architectural and decorative elements, will be a source of great inspiration for creating optical illusions and reproducing extraordinary graphical patterns. Curated by Apparati Effimeri

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Various locations - Ravenna
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