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HelbizGO, electric scooter rental

The sustainable mobility improves in Ravenna, adding the electric scooter rental HelbizGO to the services.

HelbizGO is a free floating urban transportation solution directly integrated to the Helbiz platform.

How it works

To use HelbizGo you just have to download the free App Helbiz (Android iOS) on your Smarthone, locate the nearest scooter through your app and scan the QR code on the handlebars to unlock it. 

Where to find them

The service is working in the city centre of Ravenna and in the sea localities of Marina di Ravenna and Punta Marina Terme.

You can move from Ravenna to the sea localities only driving along the sea cycle lane. It is forbidden to move in areas different from the ones listed below.

The electric scooters do not require a suitable parking lot: you just need to leave the vehicle in a quiet spot, parked responsibly, once you have done using it.


€1.00 to unlock a vehicle 

29,99€ per month
Illimited rides lasting 30 minutes, every day in every part of the world


To drive the e-scooters you have to be at least 14 years old; up to 18 years old helmet is compulsory

You can drive the e-scooters on the car lanes limited to 50km/h (where bikes are not allowed) and on suburban streets, but only on bike lanes.

The maximum allowed speed is 25 km/h, limited to 6 km/h in pedestrian areas. Lights and reflective vest are compulsory at night with scarce lighting.

Both your hands must be free and hold the handlebars, except when you have to signal the turn.

It is forbidden to carry or drag people or objects.

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Last modified date: 25/09/2020



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