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Hiking in the Boscoforte Peninsula - Comacchio Valleys

The Penisola Boscoforte (Boscoforte Peninsula) is one of the most charming and uncontaminated places of the Po Delta Park. It stretches over a sand dune system formed in the Etruscan age along the left bank of Reno River for about 6 km. Surrounded by the brackish waters of the Comacchio Valleys, the peninsula encompasses freshwater ponds, separated from the valleys by a sluice of the Reno river.

Many bird species inhabit this area, a privileged place for the nesting and stopover of shelducks, avocets, spoonbills and flamingos. Among the most common plant species in the peninsula are tamarisk trees and other typical plants of hydric forests like white poplars, white willows and sea-buckthorns. 

Date: July and August 9.30am and 17pm. September (until 20): 10am and 4pm.

Length: appr. 2 hours.

Starting point: NatuRa Museum  - Sant'Alberto (Ra).

Participation fee: 8€; concession 6€; free for children aged 0-6 years.

Information and Reservations: please book your tour at NatuRa Museum - Sant'Alberto (Ra): (+39) 0544.529260 - 528710.
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