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Hiking and cycling along the river Lamone

This 3km-long walking and cycling route starts at the mouth of the river Lamone and runs along its left bank.

On the route, participants can appreciate the various natural landscapes of the coast, such as the coastal sand dune at the mouth of Lamone river, the brackish lagoon (former Valle delle Vene or Risatina), the Pinewood of San Vitale, the swamped grasslands of Bassa del Bardello, Valle Mandriole marsh and the swamped forest of Punte Alberete.

Panels with images, descriptions and old maps along the route illustrate the natural features of the landscape.

Dates: by appointment only

Meeting and starting point: Casalborsetti and/or Marina Romea

Information and reservations: Pro Loco di Casalborsetti - Pro Loco di Marina Romea

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