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Storie di Ravenna
Teatro Luigi Rasi - Via di Roma, 39
Termine: 17.12.2018, 28.01.2019, 25.02.2019
Zeit: 6pm

Six core samples in the history of the city, made by talking maps that have been edited by one actor, one art specialist and one historian.

Six possible narrated itineraries with multiple voices guide you through the analysis of the past and raise questions about the present, looking for stories and traces in the archaeology and icons, in the oral storytellings and in written records.

The Ravenna of the Roman period, Theoderic the Aryan, San Romualdo, the battle of Ravenna, the "Trafila Garibaldina" up to the birth of the Republic, to discover the ancient side, the one full of mystery and contradictions of the city where we are living in.

Curated by Alessandro Argnani, Luigi Dadina, Giovanni Gardini, Alessandro Luparini.

Each appointment of the festival will be followed by a convivial culinary moment

One-admission ticket: 3€
6-admissions ticket: 15€
Buffet: 7€

Lunedì 15 aprile

1946 La Repubblica


Lunedì 5 novembre

Ravenna Romana
Con Luigi Dadina; Giovanni Gardini, curatore; Elisa Emaldi, mediatrice del Patrimonio del Museo Nazionale di Ravenna; lo storico Alessandro Bazzocchi, e Enrico Cirelli, ricercatore dell' Università di Bologna

Lunedì 17 dicembre 

Teodorico l’Ariano

Lunedì 28 gennaio

San Romualdo

Lunedì 25 febbraio

1512 La battaglia di Ravenna

Lunedì 25 marzo

1849 La Trafila garibaldina

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Teatro Luigi Rasi - Via di Roma, 39
+39 0544 36239

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