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Stagione di Prosa 2018/2019

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Stagione di Prosa 2018/2019
Luigi Rasi Theatre - Via di Roma, 39
Teatro Dante Alighieri - Via Mariani, 2
Termine: 22.03.2019, 28.03.2019, 29.03.2019, 30.03.2019, 31.03.2019, 06.04.2019, 12.04.2019, 13.04.2019, 14.04.2019, 18.04.2019, 04.05.2019...

For the third consecutive year, the two theatres of the city – the Dante Alighieri Theatre and the Luigi Rasi Theatre, join their schedules in La Stagione dei Teatri, in order to overcome the traditional split between prose and contemporaneity, following a theatre which is free from any genre and distinction. 

Ticket office
Dante Alighieri Theatre. Tel. +39 0544 249244. Open on weekdays, from 10am to 1pm, and even on Thursday from 4pm to 6pm and one hour before each play.
Luigi Rasi Theatre. Via di Roma 39. Tel. +39 0544 30227. Open on Tuesday and on Thursday, from 4pm to 6pm, and from one hour before each play. 

Not included in the season ticket | In your Face

Luigi Rasi Theatre
Date: Friday 22nd March
Event time: 9.30pm

By and with Fiorenza Menni and Andrea Mochi Sismondi
Music and live perfomance by Vittoria Burattini, Vincenzo Scorza and Mauro Sommavilla
Produced by Ateliersi

Not included in the season ticket | Kiva

Masque Teatro
Luigi Rasi Theatre
Date: Friday, 22nd March
Event time: 9pm

Written and directed by Lorenzo Bazzocchi
Performed by 
Eleonora Sedioli
Lighting, music, serpent-shaped machines by 
Lorenzo Bazzocchi
Produced by Masque teatro, with the coproduction by Moodindigo_BO

Il Piacere dell'onestà

Geppy Gleijeses / Vanessa Gravina / Liliana Cavani
Dante Alighieri Theatre
Thursday, 28th; Friday, 29th; Saturday, 30th March at 9pm
Sunday, 31st March at 3.30pm 

By Luigi Pirandello
Direction by Liliana Cavani
Starring Geppy Gleijesescon, Vanessa Gravina; with Leandro AmatoMaximilian Nisi, Tatiana Winteler, Giancarlo Condè, Brunella De Feudis
Produced by Gitiesse Artisti Riuniti, Fondazione Teatro della Toscana


Anagoor / Alda Merini
Luigi Rasi Theatre
Date: Saturday, 6th April
Event time: 9pm

By Alda Merini
Direction by Simone Derai
Starring Paola Dallan
Sound designer Mauro Martinuz
Vocal designers Paola Dallan, Simone Derai, Marco Menegoni
Produced by Anagoor 2010, with the coproduction of Operaestate Festival Veneto, Centrale Fies. Anagoor and Fies Factory

Don Chisciotte

Alessio Boni / Serra Yilmaz / Marcello Prayer
Dante Alighieri Theatre
Friday, 12th and Saturday, 13th April at 9pm
Sunday, 14th April at 5.30pm and 9pm

By Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Adaptation by Francesco Niccolini
Direction by Alessio Boni, Roberto Aldorasi, Marcello Prayer
Dramaturgy by Alessio Boni, Roberto Aldorasi, Marcello Prayer, Francesco Niccolini
Cast: Alessio Boni, Serra Yilmaz, Marcello Prayer (cast still to be defined)
Produced by Nuovo Teatro directed by Marco Balsamo

Not included in the season ticket | Katër i Radës Il naufragio

Dante Alighieri Theatre
Date: Thursday, 18th April
Event time: 8.30 pm

Chamber Opera
Commissioned by la Biennale di Venezia
Music by 
Admir Shkurtaj
Booklet by 
Alessandro Leogrande (taken from the inquiry-novel Il naufragio)
Direction by 
Salvatore Tramacere and Admir Shkurtaj
Direction assistant 
Emanuela Pisicchio
Scenes and light design by 
Michelangelo Campanale
With the co-production of la Biennale di Venezia, Koreja
The event has been realised in collaboration with Fondazione Ravenna Manifestazioni

Settimo cielo

Angelo Mai / Bluemotion
Luigi Rasi Theatre
Date: Saturday, 4th May
Event time: 9pm

By Caryl Churchill
Translation by 
Riccardo Duranti
Directed by 
Giorgina Pi
Marco Cavalcoli, Sylvia de Fanti, Tania Garribba, Lorenzo Parrotto, Aurora Peres, Alessandro Riceci, Marco Spiga
Produced by Teatro di Roma, in collaboration with Sardegna Teatro, Angelo Mai/Bluemotion


Storie di Ravenna - Stories, visions, chronichles from the foundation until today

Luigi Dadina / Giovanni gardini / Alessandro Luparini
Luigi Rasi Theatre
Dates: Monday, 5th November; 17th December; 28th January, 25th February; 25th March; 15th April
Event time: 6pm

By Alessandro Argnani, Luigi Dadina, Giovanni Gardini, Alessandro Luparini


Not included in the season ticket | Made in Ilva. L'eremità Contemporaneo

Instabili Vaganti
Nuova OLP - Via Manlio Monti, 38
Date: Friday, 14th September
Event time: 

Inspired by Diario di un operaio and by the testimonies of the workers of the company Ilva di Taranto, and by some lectures by Luigi di Ruscio and Peter Shneider. Directed by Anna Dora Dorno. 

Starring Nicola Pianzola
Original songs and live by Anna Dora Dorno
Music by Riccardo Nanni
Properties by Nicoletta Casali
Instabili Vaganti production with the collaboration of Spazio OFF di Trento

The music dictates obsessive rhythms and the feminine voice's singing gives orders to a body, which is moving inside a metal structure, sometimes a refuge and other times a cage. A spasmodic body which acts between ordinary gestures and mechanical actions linked to the repetition of factory work. In the background is Ilva di Taranto, the biggest steel mill in Europe, with its deaths at work and environmental damage, it is a necessity and a condemnation of contemporary life.

Not included in the season ticket | Macbetto o la Chimica Della materia. Trasmutazioni da Giovanni Testori

Robert Magnini / Consuelo Battiston / Eleonora Sedioli
Luigi Rasi Theatre
from 2nd to 20th October: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 9pm; Sunday at 4pm.
Closed on Monday and Thursday.

By Giovanni Testori
Directed by Roberto Magnani
Performed by Roberto Magnani, Consuelo Battiston, Eleonora Sedioli
Music by Simone Marzocchi
Produced by Teatro delle Albe/Ravenna Teatro, Menoventi/E-production, Masque Teatro

The poetic universe by Giovanni Testori goes through the inexpressible thanks to the language and its reinvention, giving life to biological and material works, which developed by doing and undoing themselves. This recalls the deep essence of the theatre. Thanks to the bodies and the voices of three performers, the world of this mess of eros and witches becomes touchable, concrete, obsessive and melodious. A work focused on the power and on the sexuality of power where masculinity and femininity keep transforming.

Tecno-Filò Technology and Me

Marco Pollini
Dante Alighieri Theatre
Dates: Monday 29th, Tuesday 30th, Wednesday 31st October and Thursday, 1st November 
Event time:

By and with Marco Paolini 
Production by Michela Signori for Jolefilm

Not included in the season ticket  | Gul

Gemma Carbone
Luigi Rasi Theatre
Date: Friday, 2nd November
Event time: 9pm

By and with Gemma Carbone
Written by  
Gemma Carbone, Giancarlo De Cataldo, Giulia Maria Falzea, Riccardo Festa
Music by 
Harriet Ohlsson
Costumes by Marika Hansson
Lighting and script by 
Gemma and Carlo Carbone
Artistic advice, Salvatore Tramacere production by Koreja

Not included in the season ticket | La lotta al terrore

Palazzo Rasponi Dalle Teste
Date: Wednesday, 7th November
Event time: 9pm

Created by Lucia Franchi and Luca Ricci
Scene and direction by Luca Ricci
Performed by Simone Faloppa, Gabriele Paolocà, Gioia Salvatori
Voice-off by Massimo Boncompagni, Andrea Merendelli, Irene Splendorini
Production by CapoTrave/Kilowatt, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Sansepolcro, Tuscany Region, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities

Il Giardino dei ciliegi. Trent'anni di felicità in comodato d'uso

Kepler - 452
Luigi Rasi Theatre
Dates: Thursday, 15th and Friday, 16th November
Event time: 9pm

Created and drammaturgy by Kepler - 452 (Aiello, Baraldi, Borghesi)
Directed Nicola Borghesi
Performed by Annalisa Bianchi and Giuliano Bianchi, Paola Aiello, Nicola Borghesi, Lodovico Guenzi 
Lighting by Vincent Longuemare
Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione production

Fedeli D'amore. Polittico in sette quadri per Dante Alighieri

Marco Martinelli / Ermanna Montanari
Luigi Rasi Theatre
Dates: Sunday 2nd, Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th December 
Event time: 9pm

By Marco Martinelli
Directed by Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari 
Starring Ermanna Montanari
Music by Luigi Ceccarelli; Simone Marzocchi, trumpet 
Sound director Marco Olivieri, Costumes and set design by Ermanna Montanari and Anusc Castiglioni; Lighting by Enrico Isola 
Production by Teatro delle Albe/Ravenna; Teatro in collaboration with Fondazione Campania dei Festival Napoli Teatro Festival Italia and Dante Alighieri Theatre. 

Il regno profondo. Perchè sei qui?

Claudia Castellucci / Chiara Guidi
Luigi Rasi Theatre
Date: Friday, 14th December
Event time: 9pm

Drammatic reading written by Claudia Castellucci
Vocal direction by Chiara Guidi 
Starring Claudia Castellucci and Chiara Guidi 
Music by Scott GibbonsGiuseppe Ielasi Societas production


Giuseppe Battiston
Dante Alighieri Theatre
Dates: Thursday, 10th; Friday, 11th; Saturday, 12th January
Event time: 9pm

Date: Sunday, 13th January 
Event time: 3.30pm

By Carlo G. Gabardini 
Directed by Paola Rota
Starring Giuseppe Battiston and Maria Roveran
Production by Nuovo Teatro directed by Marco Balsamo

Not included in the season ticket | Follìar

Luigi Rasi Theatre
Date: Thursday, 17th January
Event time: 9pm

By and with Alberto Astorri and Paola Tintinelli

New Magic People Show

Enrico Ianniello / Tony Laudadio / Andrea Renzi / Luciano Saltarelli
Dante Alighieri Theatre
Dates: Wednesday, 23rd and Thursday, 24th January 
Event time: 9pm

From the novel by Giuseppe Montesano, mise-en-scène by Enrico Ianniello, Tony Laudadio, Andrea RenziLuciano Saltarelli
Produced by Teatri Uniti


Antonio Latella
Dante Alighieri Theatre
Date: Thursday, 31st January 
Event time: 9pm

BY Torquato Tasso
Directed by Antonio Latella
Performed by Michelangelo DalisiEmanuele TurettaMatilde VignaGiuliana Bianca Vigogna 
Produced by stabilemobile, in collaboration with AMAT and Municipality of Macerata

Questi Fantasmi!

Marco Tullio Giordana / La Compagnia di Teatro di Luca De Filippo
Dante Alighieri Theatre
Dates: Thursday, 7th; Friday, 8th; Saturday, 9th February 
Event time: 9pm

Date: Sunday, 10th February
Event time: 3.30pm

By Eduardo De Filippo
Directed by Marco Tullio Giordana
Cast: Gianfelice ImparatoCarolina RosiNicola Di PintoMassimo De MatteoPaola FulcinitiGiovanni AlloccaGianni CannavacciuoloViola Forestiero, Federica Altamura, Andrea Cioffi 
Produced by Elledieffe La Compagnia di Teatro di Luca De Filippo

Shakespeare, sonetti

Valter Malosti / Michela Lucenti
Dante Alighieri Theatre
Date: Wednesday, 13rd February
Event time: 9pm 

Italian version and theatrical version by Fabrizio Sinisi and Valter Malosti
Direction by Valter Malosti
Performed by Valter MalostiMichela LucentiMaurizio CamilliMarcello SpinettaElena Serra
Choreography by Michela Lucenti
Produced by CTB Centro Teatrale Bresciano, TPE Teatro Piemonte Europa, Teatro di Dioniso

Storia di un'amicizia

Luigi De Angelis / Chiara Lagani / Fiorenza Menni
Luigi Rasi Theatre
Friday, 15th February at 9pm and Saturday, 16th at 7.30pm: Le due bambole
Saturday, 16th February at 9pm: Il nuovo cognome e La bambina perduta

Taken from L’amica geniale by Elena Ferrante (edizioni e/o)
By Chiara Lagani and Luigi De Angelis 
Drammaturgy by Chiara Lagani 
Direction, light design, scenic space and sound project by 
Luigi De Angelis
Performed by 
Chiara Lagani and Fiorenza Menni 
Sound design Tempo Reale/Damiano Meacci, video Sara Fgaier
Coproduced by Napoli Teatro Festival, Ravenna Festival, E-production in collaboration with Ateliersi

Not included in the season ticket | Kaninchen - Viaggio nell'inferno di Dachau

Eugenio Sideri / Elio Ragno
Luigi Rasi Theatre
Date: Wednesday, 20th February
Event time: 9pm

By Antonella Gullotta
Drammaturgy and direction by Eugenio Sideri
Starring Elio Ragno

Oltre l'abbonamento | Orazione Epica. Recital-concerto per voce, poesia e batteria

Eugenio Sideri / Enrico Caravita / Manuel Zappaterra
Luigi Rasi Theatre
Date: Thursday, 21st February
Event time: 9pm

Project by Eugenio Sideri e Enrico Caravita
Drammaturgy and direction by 
Eugenio Sideri
Enrico Caravita
Drums by 
Manuel Zappaterra
Costumes by 
Paul Mochrie
In collaboration with 
Gabriele Tesauri
Produced by Lady Godiva Theatre

Ragazzi di vita

Massimo Popolizio / Lino Guanciale
Dante Alighieri Theatre
Dates: Thursday, 28th February; Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd March at 9pm; Sunday 3rd March at 3.30pm

By Pier Paolo Pasolini
Drammaturgy Emanuele Trevi
Direction by Massimo Popolizio
Cast: Lino Guanciale and Sonia Barbadoro, Giampiero Cicciò, Roberta Crivelli, Flavio Francucci, Francesco Giordano, Lorenzo Grilli, Michele Lisi, Pietro Masotti, Paolo Minnielli, Alberto Onofrietti, Lorenzo Parrotto, Cristina Pelliccia, Silvia Pernarella, Elena Polic Greco, Francesco Santagada, Stefano Scialanga, Josafat Vagni, Andrea Volpetti
Produced by Teatro di Roma-Teatro Nazionale

I Shakespeare: i Banquo, i Caliban

Accedemia degli Artefatti
Luigi Rasi Theatre
Date: Saturday, 9th March
Event time: 9pm

By Tim Crouch
Translation by Pieraldo Girotto
Direction by 
Fabrizio Arcuri
The Banquo: performed by  Enrico Campanati and Matteo Selis, produced by Fondazione Luzzati, Teatro della Tosse
The Caliban: performed by Fabrizio Croci
Produced by Accademia degli Artefatti, L’Uovo Teatro Stabile owned by Innovazione Onlus

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