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Giuseppe Battiston as Churchill

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Giuseppe Battiston as Churchill
Dante Alighieri Theatre - Via Mariani, 2
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 10.01.2019 bis 13.01.2019
Zeit: 9pm (Thursday to Saturday); 3.30pm (Sunday)

By Carlo G. Gabardini
Directed by Paola Rota
Starring Giuseppe Battiston and Maria Roveran
Production Nuovo Teatro directed by Marco Balsamo

Almost a mask, Winston Churchill to some extent is the 20th century. He embodies the leadership of politics and as a man, he exceeds with everything: he gulps down whisky, screams, yells, complains, but he never surrenders, he smokes non-stop, coughs; he is stubborn, but he admires who is able to change his mind. Giuseppe Battiston meets Churchill, he puts him on the stage reinventing its character, he investigates the mystery of this man through the magic of the theatre, never losing the powerful sense of humour and irony.

Stalls, 1st-2nd-3rd tier box: €26; concession €22; under 30 €18; under 20 €9
Balcony and 4th-tier box: €18; concession €16; under 30 €11; under 20 €9
Gallery: €7,50; under 30 €5,50

Saturday, 12 January

Meet the authors
Dante Alighieri Theatre (Sala Corelli) | At 6pm
Artists meet the public, with Renata M. Molinari, playwright and theatre pedagogist

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Dante Alighieri Theatre - Via Mariani, 2
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