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Comico d'Autore • Theatre Season 2020

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Comico d'Autore • Theatre Season 2020
Dante Alighieri Theatre - Via Mariani, 2
Date: 13.02.2020
Zeit: 9pm

Four shows performed by four great actors of Italian comedy: a real team of the laughter will entertain in a pleasant and brilliant way the audience of Comico d'Autore at the Dante Alighieri Theatre. All plays will be in Italian

Organized by Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri in collaboration with the Culture Department of the Municipality of Ravenna.

TICKETS (the tickets are sold at the theatre's ticket office on the evening of the event from 8pm)
Stalls: €27; concession €26 | Season ticket: €98; concession €94
1st, 2nd, 3rd tier box: €26; €25 concession | Season ticket: €94; concession €92
4th-tier seat and balcony: €23; concession €21 | Season ticket: €86; concession €78
Gallery: €15 | Season ticket: €54
Special ticket under 14 (not numbered): €12 | Season ticket €40

* Concessions for CRAL, over 65, under 26, Carta Bianca Comune di Ravenna cardholders and YoungER Card holders. This event does not feature pre-sale tickets or online tickets

Monday 4 May


With his peculiar dynamic style, Max invites the audience to follow him in a series of monologues and anecdotes that bounce in a continuous ping bong between today and yesterday. The going back and forth of what it was and the ordinary hustle and bustle of the present will remark how much everyday life has changed, according to work, free time and interpersonal relationships.


Thursday 13 February


Teresa has been living in a wardrobe for months, or rather years. One day, she decides to go out, but she discovers that the world is moving in an extremely fast and radical way and that even the Earth axis is changing. In the sea, the plastic bottles are more than the fish, on the beaches more scumbags than crabs. Outside her wardrobe, the world is falling apart, and the possible solutions don't seem to solve the situation, but they make life even worse. Teresa decides to go back inside her wardrobe, but nothing is the same now...

Tuesday 17 March


A performance directed by Valter Lupo, who uses a number of musicians to accompany the main actor, Rocco Papaleo, in his ‘travel-performance’. Coast to Coast is about making a move, the desire of feeling a stranger, of listening to voices different from ours. Travel is made of stops that we hope will bear the marks of our presence. It's the echo of a song that kept us company, of a story that made us smile or sad...
And then, Coast to coast works for any other track: whether discomfort or a joyful moment, a misunderstanding or an agreement, an injustice or a kind gesture. These travels cannot be measured with kilometers, but they are weighed out according to the effort it takes to put back together with the feelings we have towards the people we don't want to lose.

Monday 6 April [CANCELLED!]


This is an exhilarating journey in the female world, first as a child and then as a man. After his mother, he will meet his nanny, his sister, his grandma, his first crush, his teacher, his girlfriend, his wife, his daughter, his ex-wife that showed to be another person, his second wife that he will hope to be the good one, and so on, without forgetting, of course, the most dreaded one: the mother in law!
The artist will tell about this journey, with the highest awareness of the overwhelming superiority of women. As Groucho Marx used to say: “Man does not control his own fate. The women in his life do that for him.”

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