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Ammutinamenti 2017
Artificerie Almagià and other locations of the cities
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 09.09.2017 bis 19.09.2017, except on 11.09.2017, on 14.09.2017 and on 18.09.2017

From September 9th to 19th urban and contemporary dance will invade the city of Ravenna with the 19th Ammutinamenti - Urban Dance Festival, organized by Associazione Cantieri and the artistic direction of Monica Francia and Selina Bassini.

Altri paesaggi (Other landscapes) is the topic of this year in which dance becomes a tool to describe other contemporary landscapes, paving the way for micro utopias that can be expressed through the body, actions and words.
More than 40 young dancers and choreographers, new artists as well as well-established ones, will be the protagonists of the festival that as usual will have its beating heart in Vetrina della giovane danza d'autore®: at Almagià and other locations of the city - like the Classense Library and Piazza del Popolo - from September 15th to 17th, young authors and emerging companies will perform, selected by the most important professionals of the national dance scene, belonging to Anticorpi XL network.

Among the scheduled events, besides the performances of young interpreters of contemporary dance, the works of choreographers of national and international fame: Hector Plaza, Daniele Albanese, Alessandro Carboni, Collettivo Cinetico, Manfredi Perego, Gruppo Nanou and Nicola Galli.

On the programme, as usual, Prove d'autore XL the final product of the artist residency promoted by Network Anticorpi XL and directed this year by the choreographers Davide Valrosso and Manfredi Perego/ Tir Danza.

Within the rich programme worth a mention is the opening of the Festival on Saturday 9 September (at 5.30pm) in Piazza San Francesco, with Device, special event of CorpoGiochi and the regular appointment with the workshop CorpoGiochi OFF (gym Montanari workshop from 2.30pm to 5.30pm for adults and children from 5 years old).

Besides the numerous initiatives and performances, the usual appointment with Garage Sale, a vintage and second hand market, which will be enriched with performances, live music and a photographic exhibition of the Collettivo/37 project.

• All the shows
, installations and events of the festival are free, except for those tagged with [*]. Tickets from 3€ to 12€; concessions valid for under 26, over 65, students from dance schools/corpogiochi®, Università degli adulti Bosi Maramotti card holders.
• Workshop CorpoGiochi OFF is 3€ per person; family ticket (from four members) 10€.
• Reservation is required for the shows at the Classense Library.

In case of rain the shows of the 9th and the 19th September will take place at Artificerie Almagià.
For informations and reservations: or +39 0544 251966 / +39 320 9552632

Tuesday, 19 September

Piazza San Francesco
Compito in piazza | 10.30am
Urban demonstrations of the CorpoGiochi
workshops at school with pupils of the primary schools "Bartolotti", "Balella", "Muratori", "Pasini" and "Cavina" and students of the secondary school in first year "Montanari"


Saturday, 9 September

Ex shooting gallery
Darsena: Creative Ecosystem
| 10am
Workshop in Darsena about the performance, urban re-uses and creative industries inside the european project Creative Spirits

Piazza San Francesco
DEVICE Ravenna | 5.30pm
Special event of CorpoGiochi

Piazza San Francesco
Hector Plaza / Ehiza | 6pm

• Piazza San Francesco, locations in the city center and at the Darsena
DANDELION - incursions of dancing bodies and words | From 6.15pm

Artificerie Almagià [*]
Daniele Albanese / VON | 10pm
National preview

Sunday, 10 September

Darsena and urban zone of the Almagià
Garage sale | From 11am to 8pm
Vintage and second hand garage sale, performance, live music
Photographic exhibition
Of the project Untitled curated by Simona Diacci

Artificerie Almagià
Invitation to dance - Memo for new grafts between ancient and contemporary | From 11am to 5pm
Participants: schools of dance of the city and informal groups of the territory

Palestra Montanari [*]
Workshop CorpoGiochi® Off | From 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Workshop for adults and children from 5 years

 Ex shooting gallery
As if we were dust | 6pm
Of Alessandro Carboni

 Darsena Dock
Demonstration of the results of the work of the workshop CorpoGiochi® Off | 7.30pm

 Darsena Pop Up
Shani Militello / Gabbie | 7.45pm
Performance realized for R.A.M. "Facciamo un '77"
To follow dialogue with the artist and the curator Maria Rita Bentini

Magazzeno Art Gallery
Performance site specific | 8.30pm
Of Nicola Galli
To follow dj set curated by Spoon

Tuesday, 12 September

Artificerie Almagià [*]
CollettivO CineticO | 9.30pm
10 little ballets

Wednesday, 13 September

 Artificerie Almagià [*]
Manfredi Perego / Tir Danza | 9.30pm
Of Crinali & Horizon Young

Friday, 15 September

Artificerie Almagià [*]
Davide Valrosso - We are not alone | 3.30pm (encora at  4.30pm)
Outcome of the author residence as part of the project Prove d'Autore XL with the professional three-year course of the Ballet of Rome

Artificerie Almagià [*]
Jart of Ginevra Panzetti, Enrico Ticconi (Lazio)
Studio sulla purezza of Angelo Petracca (Puglia)
Quartetto per oggetti of Camilla Monga (Veneto)
Chenapan of Francesco Colaleo, Maxime Freixas - MF (Campania)

Saturday, 16 September

 Classense Library
Kokoro of Luna Cenere (Campania)

Piazza del Popolo
P!nk elephant of Siro Guglielmi (Veneto)

Artificerie Almagià [*]
Fray of Olimpia Fortuni (Emilia Romagna)
CrossWord of Matteo Marfoglia (Marche)
Non ricordo of Simone Zambelli (Lazio)
Tutt-Uno of Sara Sguotti, Nicola Simone Cisternino - Sa.Ni. (Toscana)

Sunday, 17 September

Artificerie Almagià [*]
Manfredi Perego - Tir Danza - Elegia del Vento | 2pm (encora at 3pm)
Outcome of the author residence as part of the project Prove d'Autore XL with the school of the Ballet of Toscana

Ardis Hall [*]
Nanou Group - Alphabet | 4pm (encora at 4.45pm)
Public oppening of the project

Artificerie Almagià [*]
Human of Mattia Russo, Antonio De Rosa, Umberto Ciceri - Kor’sia (Campania)
Pasiphae of Diego Tortelli (Lombardia)
Destinata Guerriera of Isabella Giustina (Friuli Venezia Giulia)
Oxidiana of Antonio Bissiri - Prendashanseaux (Sardegna)

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Artificerie Almagià and other locations of the cities
+39 0544 251966
+39 320 9552632

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