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Romagna Bike Trail • 2018

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Romagna Bike Trail • 2018
Starting point from - Piazza del Popolo
Date: 25.08.2018
Zeit: from 8am

The Romagna Bike Trail, an “Unsupported Bike Adventure”, will take place again this year on Saturday, 25th August. It is a great adventure by bike to discover the most hidden corners of the area, up and down the hills of Romagna all the way to the Adriatic sea, in complete autonomy and without any type of support, where the only rule is to follow the track signalled by the Gps.

The Romagna Bike Trail follows the footprints of the many trails that are slowly emerging in Italy, but above all from the desire to introduce a new concept of sport the “adventure bike trail”, which allows the participants to be in close contact with nature, discovering places that are not always easily reached, and where participants compete against themselves rather than against other competitors.

Each participant will have to face the trail in total autonomy, they must, therefore, decide when and where to eat and when and where to sleep. Also, participants will have to solve autonomously any inconveniences they might encounter.

In the 2018 edition, Romagna Bike Trail will have two routes to allow people to plan at best their trail. The first route will be about 600 km long with a difference in altitude of about 12.000 D+. The second route will be about 350 km. long with a difference in altitude of about 6.500 D+.

The Romagna Bike Trail is not a race (the chronometer starts at the start of the route and it only stops at the finish line), neither are there any prizes or ranking, but participants who take on this adventure have to complete it in as little time as possible.

Registration fee: 40€, on Romagna Bike Trail. The registration includes: route plan in .GPX format; list of possible accommodations; welcome gadgets; presence certificate (Finisher); mention in the Finishers page 2018 of the third edition of Romagna Bike Trail.
Registrations are open until 31st July 2018

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Starting point from - Piazza del Popolo

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