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Ravenna Festival 2018 • Le vie dell'amicizia: Ravenna - Kiev

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Ravenna Festival 2018 • Le vie dell'amicizia: Ravenna - Kiev
Palazzo Mauro De Andrè - Viale Europa, 1
Date: 03.07.2018
Zeit: 9pm

On Tuesday, 3rd July Mauro de André Arena will host the Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini, the Orchestra, and Choir of the Ukrainian National Opera, directed by Maestro RICCARDO MUTI.

The answer to one more “call” enriches the geography of Le Vie dell'Amicizia ('the Paths of Friendship') project: it comes from the depth of the ancient Slavic universe, from that strip of fertile land lying at the eastern borders of Europe, battered by history but always ready to find new life in its thousand-year-old culture and traditions.

And thus, Abraham Lincoln’s yearning for justice and equality among peoples, set to music by Copland, meets Verdi’s secular spirituality in a “liturgy” of togetherness through music, which is the key to true freedom.

Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini
Orchestra e Choir of the Ukrainian National Opera


Playing voice JOHN MALKOVICH
Choir conductor Bogdan Plish

Giuseppe Verdi 
From the Quattro Pezzi Sacri
"Stabat Mater", "Te Deum"

Aaron Copland
Lincoln Portrait

Giuseppe Verdi
From Nabucco
Choir "Gli arredi festivi"
Recitative and aria of Zaccaria "Sperate, o figli!"
Scene and aria Abigaille "Ben io t’invenni", "Anch’io dischiuso un giorno", "Salgo già"
Choir"Va pensiero"


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Palazzo Mauro De Andrè - Viale Europa, 1
+39 0544 249244

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