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Festival delle Culture • 2019

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Festival delle Culture • 2019
Artificerie Almagià - Via dell'Almagià, 2
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 07.06.2019 bis 09.06.2019

From 7 to 9 June, music shows, dance performances, workshops, meetings and food stands coming from all over the world will stand out against the backdrop of Artificerie Almagià, the city dock and Piazza del Popolo on the occasion of the 13th edition of Festival delle Culture

The festival of cultures is dedicated to the multiethnicity, animated by concerts, dances, debates, craft exhibition, workshops and ethnic food booth that this year deals with the theme "Zero immigration: economy, culture and society without migrant citizens".

It is an opportunity to reflect on the possible scenario that would happen if there would not be immigration in Italy, starting from the idea that fears and mistrust towards someone coming from another country or culture can be overcome with knowledge, taking distance from stereotypes and prejudices and creating comprehension and solidarity.

Discover the programme (only in Italian)

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Artificerie Almagià - Via dell'Almagià, 2
+39 0544 591876

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