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Teatro Socjale • 2018

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Teatro Socjale • 2018
Teatro Socjale - via Piangipane, 153 - Piangipane
Date: 09.11.2018

In Piangipane all is set for the 29th edition of Teatro Socjale, a festival that combines quality performances, great artists, culture, good cinema, and culinary traditions. Even the great celebrations for the 30 years anniversary is getting closer!

The objective remains: a wide offer of shows that are able to keep together well-known artists and new promises from our territory. Beyond the music on Friday and the theatre shows on Saturday, Socjale confirms also this year the Tuesdays dedicated to the young and innovative experiences of the Ravenna territory. Not to be missed the usual appointment with Cappelletti during the intermission.

Admission only for Arci associates.
All conferences and films will be held in Italian.


Open doors at 9pm | Show beginning at 10pm 

Friday, 7th December
The Equ will perform their show “Durante”: surreal songs about the Divine Comedy. The group is composed by Gabriele Graziani, Vanni Crociani, Fabio Cimatti, Giacomo Toschi, Andrea Batani, Amedeo Santolini, Alessandro Padovani, Mirko Berlati.
Event in collaboration with Ravenna Festival “Giovani artisti per Dante”.

Friday, 14 December
Ornella Vanoni
A concert with piano and voice where Ornella will sing her most important successes with a jazz arrangement, accompanied by her pianist Roberto Cipelli.

Friday, 21st December
Odg Big Band & Fabrizio Bosso
ODG Big Band with Fabrizio Bosso in “Natale al Socjale”. The Orchestra dei Giovani di Ravenna, directed by Maestro Franco Emaldi, will play with the great Italian trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso, for a unique event on the rhythm of Jazz, Soul and Blues.

Friday, 11th January
On 11th January of 20 years ago, Fabrizio De Andrè, one of the greatest singer-songwriter of Italian music. With this concert, Teatro Socjale wants to recall the person and his works with the band Bandreandré, which will celebrate its ten years of activity with the double CD “Bandeandrè”.

Friday, 18th January
Vittorio De Scalzi
“The voice of New Trolls” in concert with Andrea Maddalone - guitar and Edmondo Romano - sax soprano, clarinetto, low whistle, mizmar, bagpipe, flutes. A performance with an acoustic personality for a travel lasting more than 30 years: from the beginnings of the New Trolls up to the last works as soloist.


Open doors at 8.30pm | Show beginning at 9pm

Saturday, 22nd December
“Zez ch'e' néva”
By Bonetti, Dalla Vecchia, Gatta
Do you know the origin of this saying? Vittorio Bonetti, Eliseo Dalla Vecchia and Rudy Gatta will tell you its story. A theatre première dedicated to Romagna, using the poetries by the many poets who were capable to describe it so well, in particular Olindo Guerrini and Raffaello Baldini.

Saturday, 19th January
“Dante is back”
Of the theatre company Satiri di Storie, by and with Marco Di Giorgio
Dante will be launched - and the public with him - in 2018, to start a reflection on the rush of our time and the perceptio of time, very far from the one of Dante's time. In the Italy of the 3rd millennium, Beatrice might also not be a popstar, and the terzinas of Dante tell, in a satyrical rewriting of the contemporary time, the "tetra dimensione situata, ahimè, nel mondo postmoderno" - the obsure dimension of the postmodern world. Evento in collaboration with Ravenna Festival “Giovani Artisti per Dante”.


Open doors at 8pm | Show beginning at 8.30pm

Tuesday, 11th December
Skiantos - Manuel Pistacchio - Mercato del Vago in concert
Thre variations for a quite punk evening



Open doors at 9pm | Show beginning at 10pm 

Friday, 9th November
Toninho Horta  
“Tribute to Getz and Jobim”, with Toninho Horta and Piero Odorici: a tribute to Antônio Carlos Jobim, the most important exponent and composer in Bossanove, and to the saxophonist Stan Getz, extraordinary interpreter of the music by Jobim. The show will be opne by Nilza Costa Trio, composed by Daniele Santimone, Massimo Zaniboni, Roberto Rossi. 

Friday, 16th November
Alessandro Haber  
Alessandro Haber offers not only a concert, but also - and most of all - a storytelling that will involve the public in the classics of author music, from Conte to De Gregori and Fossati. With Sasa at the flute and guitar, Fabrizio Romano at the piano; Mimmo Epifani at the mandolin. The show will open with Giacomo Scudellari & Franco Costantini.

Friday, 23rd November
Orquesta tipica andariega
Orquesta Típica Andariega is the Argentinian band from Buenos Aires that is marked by a rhythmed sound and by the melodies of the masters of tango during its "Golden Age" – the 40es: Carlos Di Sarli, Rodolfo Biagi, Osvaldo Pugliese – with original music. Dance performance with Matteo Antonelli and Ravena Abdyly. Musicians: Luigi Coviello, double bass & conductor; Stine Helkjær Engen, bandoneon; Mariano Flores González, piano; Anderson Perea da Silva, bandoneon; Santiago Zamboni, violin; Gonzalo Lesta, violin; Giacomo Santiago Maini, voice.

Friday, 30th November
Baba Sissoko
Baba Sissoko & Lisa Manara with “L’urlo dell’africanità” - the scream of Africanity: an evening dedicated to the African rhythm with Baba, one of the major exponent of jazz and ethnic music. Melodies and rhythms of the music tradition of Mali will combine together with the jazz and the blues sounds, giving birth to an original music. To follow, the voice of Lisa Manara, accompanied by the Savana Funk. In collaboration with Arci - BAMAKO JAZZ project.


Open doors at 8.30pm | Show beginning at 9pm

Saturday, 10th November 
“Di Terra e d’Oro”
By and with Elena Bucci
"Di Terra e d'Oro" is the land of dreams. A reading in music dedicated to the conception of work, to people and characters of our land and in our memory. With Dimitri Sillato at the keyboards and violin; sound design and created by Raffaele Bassetti and Franco Naddei.


Open doors at 8pm | Show beginning at 8.30pm

Tuesday, 20th November
Solmeriggio - Trio Mezcal - Jocelyn Pulsar in concert
Three bands and three new albums for a unique and original evening.

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Teatro Socjale - via Piangipane, 153 - Piangipane

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