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Ravenna Festival • Medea

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Ravenna Festival • Medea
Cloister of the Classense Library - Via A. Baccarini, 3
Date: 18.06.2019
Zeit: 9.30pm

The opera in one act composed in 1775 by Jiří Antonín Benda on the libretto by Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter Medea will stage in Ravenna on 18 June in the cloisters of the Classense Library.
From the first reflections of Rousseau and Lessing about playwrighting, the composer Benda takes the cue from them to elaborate the drama of a voice that is in a constant dialogue with the orchestra. 

Medea by Jiří Antonín Benda
Libretto Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter
Free adaptation and translation by Giuseppe Di Leva
Transcription for a trio with piano by Johannes Jess-Kropfitsch and Trio Hager

Trio Hager

Violin Marco Mandolini
Cello Elke Hager
Piano Enrico Pompili

Narrator Chiara Muti


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Cloister of the Classense Library - Via A. Baccarini, 3
+39 0544 249244

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