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Ravenna Festival • In Templo Domini

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Ravenna Festival • In Templo Domini

Termine: 14.06.2020, 21.06.2020, 28.06.2020...

The meeting with In Templo Domini comes back, moving between the Basilica of San Vitale, rich of gold and mosaic, the simplicity of the Basilica of Sant'Agata, the Basilica Maggiore and the holy Basilica of San Francesco. A five-day event of Masses with five different authors on schedule, who express all the same credo, each declined in a completely different way. This path of music and faith leads to the recovery of knowledge and to the discovery of new developments.

Free admission

Sunday 7 June

Basilica of San Vitale, via San Vitale 17
Cappella Marciana
Conductor Marco Gemmani

Sunday 14 June

Basilica of San Francesco, piazza San Francesco 1
La Stagione Armonica
| At 11.15am
Conductor Sergio Balestracci

Sunday 21 June

Basilica if Sant’Agata Maggiore, via Mazzini 46
Naghash Ensemble | At 11.30am

Sunday 28 June

Basilica of San Vitale, via San Vitale 17
Coro Luigi Cherubini | At 10.30am
Conductor Antonio Greco

Sunday 5 July

Basilica Metropolitana, piazza Duomo
Ufficio di San Severo | At 11am
Coro Ludus Vocalis
Conductor Stefano Sintoni
Organ Andrea Berardi

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