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Ravenna Festival • From Sarajevo

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Ravenna Festival • From Sarajevo
Mauro de André Arena - Viale Europa, 1
Date: 02.07.2019
Zeit: 9pm

On Sunday, 2 July, Goran Bregović brings on the occasion of Ravenna Festival the Italian premiere From Sarajevo, a concert for three solo violins and symphonic orchestra dedicated to the place of birth of the musician.
The violins, here the protagonists, represent the three communicating souls of the European Jerusalem, contested and lacerated by the wars. The peoples and cultures that marked the ages and still live side by side in Sarajevo are Bregović's inspiration, who translates into music his idea of coexistence, making of his concert the proof that listening to each other is more than possible

Concert for three solo violins, symphonic orchestra and two voix bulgares
Goran Bregović & Wedding and Funeral Orchestra
Orchestra Arcangelo Corelli maestro Jacopo Rivani

violins Zeid Zouari (Tunisia), Mirjana Neskovic (Serbia), Gershon Leizerson (Israel)
voices Ludmila Radkova Trajkova, Daniela Radkova-Aleksandrova 


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Mauro de André Arena - Viale Europa, 1
+39 0544 249244

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