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Planetarium - Viale Santi Baldini, 4/a
Date: 20.12.2018
Zeit: 9pm

Paradoxes is a music festival where the optic system of the planetarium interacts with the live execution of the artist, giving life to an original performance of music and 3D lights.

The planetarium turns into a round auditorium where the public witnesses the rising and setting of animated loud stars and unusual celestial phenomena. Designed by Orthographe in collaboration with Lorenzo Senni and Marco Garoni.

Participation fee: 8€ per person

Thursday, 20th December

Kareem Lotfy
Born in Egypt in 1985, Kareem Lotfy lives and works in the Netherlands. In his music combines two seemingly opposite worlds: on the one hand digital culture and on the other the extremely rich cultural history of his native Egypt.
The concert will be accompanied by the laser show by Orthographe, and a special installation-performance by audio-visual Recsund.
In collaboration with Club Adriatico


Sunday, 21st October

Lea Bertucci
In collaboration with MU

Thursday, 8th November

Samara Lubelski + Virginia Genta
In collaboration with Troglosound

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Planetarium - Viale Santi Baldini, 4/a

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