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I luoghi dello spirito e del tempo • 2018

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I luoghi dello spirito e del tempo • 2018
Different venues in the territory of Ravenna
Termine: 26.07.2018, 02.08.2018, 09.08.2018
Zeit: 9pm

Suggestive places rich in history: these are I luoghi dello spirito e del tempo, literally 'the places of spirit and time', a music programme of excellence that goes from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, from noble to folk music, between the sacred and the profane.

Curated by: Collegium Musicum Classense. Art direction: Maria Luisa Baldassari, Susanna Piolanti e Marina Scaioli.

Free admission
For the full programme, see the website

Sunday, 16th September

Aquel Trovar. Imperayritz de la ciutat joyosa
Refectory Room - Abbey of Pomposa
Devotion to the Virgin during the Early Middle Ages in Spain. Historical and architectural introduction curated by Chiara Zonari



Thursday, 19th July

Voz Latina - The caravels of music
Chiesa di San Giuseppe di Chiesanuova - Voltana
Poetry in music during the Golden Age

Thursday, 26th July

Codex Ensemble. Amid Magyars, Rumanians, Germans and Vlachs
Palazzo Grossi - Castiglione di Ravenna
The variety of traditional music during the ancient Transylvania
At 8pm • Historical-artistic introduction curated by Anna Rusticali

Thursday, 2nd August

Ensemble Symposium
Chiesa del Suffragio - Bagnacavallo
Stabat Mater by Luigi Boccherini

Thursday, 9th August

O Dulcis Virgo Maria 
Arianna Lanci, Chiara Cattani, Perikli Pite: the Marian cult in the monodic Italian repertoire of the early 17th century

Wednesday, 22nd August

Nuns and people of Bergamo
Pieve del Tho - Brisighella
The art of variation during the early Baroque, with Michael Posch, Marco Ambrosini and Eva Maria Rusche

Saturday, 25th August

In trio - From Assisi to Hamburg
Palazzo Fantini - Tredozio
The traverser: music travel in the balance between space and time with Luigi Lupo, Laura Pontecorvo and Marina Scaioli

Saturday, 1st September

Those sweet concents
Sanctuary of Madonna del Bosco - Alfonsine
A brief lute history with Ugo Nastrucci and Giangiacomo Pinardi

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Different venues in the territory of Ravenna

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