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Concerti all'Alba
Bagno Banana Beach - Via Verghereto, 348 - Lido di Savio
Bagno Salsedine e Bagno Levante - Via G. Marradi, 11 - Lido di Savio
Maréna Beach - Viale Romagna, 323/H - Lido di Savio
Termine: 12.07.2019, 20.07.2019
Zeit: 6am

In the suggestive setting of Lido di Savio, the first morning light becomes the suggestive scenario of three events not to be missed that range from musical, to pop, up to classical music.

The artistic direction of Concerti all'Alba by Matteo Salerno. Organised by Ensemble Mariani in collaboration with the Municipality of Ravenna and Ravenna Tourism.

All the concerts are free

Wednesday, 3 July

LUCA MAGGIORE QUARTET in Musical and author songs
Banana Beach - Via Verghereto, 348 Lido di Savio
Time: 6am

Directly from the stage of the musical Notre Dame de Paris by Riccardo Cocciante, where Luca Maggiore interpreted the hunchback, Quasimodo,, the singer and musicians will give you a magical awakening with the most beautiful songs taken from the musicals, like West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein, Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber or even Romeo and Juliet by Cocciante.
Accompanied by guitar, Hammond organ and percussion instruments, Luca Maggiore investigates with his all personal style, the big Italian and international author songs, such as Battisti, Conte, Caputo, L.Choen e R.Charles

On the stage:
 Luca Maggiore, voice and acoustic guitar
 Marco Versari, Hammond organ
 Francesco Laghi, guitar and choirs
 Ale D’altri, percussion instruments

Friday, 12 July

ENRICO FARNEDI TRIO in Lucio Dalla Reloaded
Beach resorts Salsedine and Levante - Via G. Marradi, 11 Lido di Savio
Time: 6am

Not only a concert that tells Dalla and his most famous successes, but also a way that allows Farnedi to recall his childhood and adolescence singing his most beloved songs: from the first successes up to the electro-pop experimentations of the '80es, from "4 Marzo" by Dalla and De Gregori to "Viaggi Organizzati". His music is enclosed in an essential frame, touched and touching at the same time, which is registered on an immediate and minimal CD: "Al Centro Della Confusione"

On the stage:
 Enrico Farnedi, voice, ukulele
• Lorenzo Gasperoni, guitar, choirs
• Mauro Gazzoni, drums

Saturday, 20 July

QUARTETTO MARIQUITA in Alba Classica, ma non-troppo
Maréna Beach - Viale Romagna 323/H Lido di Savio
Time: 6am

An all-female string quartet will start a day dedicated to music classics. Film soundtracks, Argentinian tango, up to the songs by The Queen and Abba. Two violins, one viola, and one cello will make us listen to the famous melodies by Nino Rota taken from unforgettable films, such as Amarcord and  by Federico Fellini, touching even the most famous works by W. A. Mozart and A. Vivaldi, and arriving at the present day with the rock classics. When the sun will shine bright in the sky, more powerful music taken from the repertoire of the Argentinian tangos will invade the beach, including unreleased songs like Il Choclo, La Cumparsita and many other.

On the stage:
• Nicoletta Bassetti, violin
• Consuelo Castellari, violin
 Manuela Trombini, viola
• Giulia costa, cello

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Bagno Banana Beach - Via Verghereto, 348 - Lido di Savio
Bagno Salsedine e Bagno Levante - Via G. Marradi, 11 - Lido di Savio
Maréna Beach - Viale Romagna, 323/H - Lido di Savio
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