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C.A. LOOSE 2019

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C.A. LOOSE 2019
Artificerie Almagià - Via dell' Almagià, 2
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 20.04.2019 bis 22.04.2019
Zeit: on Saturday, 20 April and Sunday 21st April from 6pm to 4am; on Monday, 22 April from 3pm to 7pm

Club Adriatico, an artistic project organised by Cooperativa E dedicated to electronic and dance music, presents the fourth edition of C.A. Loose [#loose2k19], three days of electro performances in several venues of Ravenna.

Loose Festival offers a deviation from contemporary music expression. The struggle for extraneous audience and artists will find in Ravenna refuge and amplification: a livable shell that remains alien.

Programme to be defined


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Artificerie Almagià - Via dell' Almagià, 2
+39 349 7767662

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