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Bellezza fuori porta
An verschiedenen Orten der Stadt - Ravenna
Termine: 07.10.2018, 12.10.2018, 04.11.2018

Autumn brings by the music events organised by Collegium Musicum Classense in the area of Ravenna, and this year it inaugurates a brand new project: Bellezza Fuori Porta.

It is a 3-concert event with great artists who will perform in some unusual places, that are seldom dedicated to events or open to the public but are of great historic and cultural interest indeed.
Attendance is free

Sunday, 4th November

Il lontano, l'esotico | At 5.30pm
National Museum of Ravenna - Via San Vitale, 17 
Music from the crusades
Enea Sorini  voice, percussions; Peppe Frana  lute, oud

Celebrations | At 6.30
Celebrations for the 30 years of the association Collegium Musicum Classense


Sunday, 30th September

Visit to the garden of the Villa | At 4pm
Villa Manuzzi - Via Dismano 773 Mensa Matellica (Ra)
Organised by Dott. Giuseppe Orselli
Compulsory booking, write within 29th September: 

Dances and ballades of the 14th century between the East and the West
 | At 5.30pm
Ancient and ethnic music with the instrumental ensemble TricomiFerrari

Sunday, 7th October

Guided tour
Visit the "pieve"
| At 4pm
Church of San Bartolo, Via Dismano 663 - San Zaccaria (Ra)
Visit the rural church guided by Vanda Budini

Surge o felix anima | At 5pm
Music and devotions of the Italian 16th century with the vocal and instrumental ensemble Florum Flos

Friday, 12th October

Laudate Dominum in cymbalis | At 9pm
Pieve of San Cassiano in Decimo, Via Trava 2 - Campiano (Ra) 
Baroque instrumental music with the instrumental ensemble CiprianiFantinuoliBaldassari

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An verschiedenen Orten der Stadt - Ravenna

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