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58th International Organ Music Festival

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58th International Organ Music Festival
Basilica of San Vitale - Via San Vitale, 17
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 05.08.2019 bis 26.08.2019 (jeden Montag). Die Veranstaltung findet auch am 27.07.2019
Zeit: 9.15pm

The International Organ Music Festival is the first and most ancient organ festival in Italy and one of the oldest in Europe. It is an event of great importance that features major international organists playing an ancient Mascioni organ in the beautiful Basilica of San Vitale (Unesco world heritage site).

The 2019 edition proposes a varied and multicultural journey from the East to Italy passing through Dante, at the centre of the festival programme until 2021, the seventh centenary of Dante's death.

After the concerts, every evening will feature the event "Bollicine col Maestro", a convivial meeting with the performers at the Terrace of Atelier Annafietta Mosaici, located just in front of the Basilica of San Vitale.

The organizer of the event Associazione Polifonica Amici dell'Organo di San Vitale Ravenna has the objective of protecting the prestige, the tradition and the reputation of this festival. Head of Associazione Polifonica di Ravenna and artistic director: Maestro Elena Sartori

Admission fee: €10

Monday, 26 August

4-hand and 4-foot organ: in homage to Gioachino Rossini
Maccaroni (Italia), organ duo


Saturday, 27 July

Voci d’Oriente
Michiko Kato (Japan), organ
Hong Kong Philarmonic Children Choir

Monday, 5 August

Disonancias 1939-2019: the organ music during the Spanish civil war
Diego Iglesias (Spain), trumpet
Marian Polin (Austria), organ

Monday, 12 August

Dante's Inferno in the Great Eighteen Chorale Preludes by Johann Sebastian Bach 
Jean-Michel Douiller (France), organ

Monday, 19 August

Dante Symphony by Franz Liszt
Andrea Macinanti (Italy), organ

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Basilica of San Vitale - Via San Vitale, 17
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