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Festa del Cappelletto • 2019

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Festa del Cappelletto • 2019
Piazza Kennedy, 1
Zeitraum der Veranstaltung: von 10.05.2019 bis 12.05.2019

On May 10th - 12th the 4th edition of Cappelletto Festival will take place in Ravenna: a culinary event dedicated to this special kind of fresh pasta, one of the most important brands of the gastronomic tradition in Romagna.

Handmade Cappelletti prepared with local ingredients and accompanied by bolognese sauce, in broth, and much more: some restaurants will serve them as street food (they will be served as half-portions in go-cones). Don't miss the chance to enjoy tasty gourmet walks in the city centre while relaxing, shopping or admiring the monuments.

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Piazza Kennedy, 1
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